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  1. I'm still amazed that the CYCA has no problem with electrics / moveable ballast and power generation but thinks an autopilot gives an unfair advantage. Still what will be will be. Gives me another reason not to be stressed about not going.

    Re quarantining. Kiwis can still come over on Christmas Day, but will have to quarantine for 14 days on return - if they can get a spot in a hotel. The Pros can call it business related and may well get paid for the confinement. However they would still miss New Year and a fortnight at the beach.

    Tough ask.



  2. As a Kiwi sailing in NZ I'd be comfortable with a Hanse of that size. Sounds like you will keep it for a while before any major offshore. They are well regarded in NZ as a good cruiser and there is a ready resale market. At a slightly different price point the large Jenneau Sun Odysseys also are popular. Some of the other brands mentioned would be regarded as an orphan back in NZ.

    Personally if I could get into an X50 I would as they are a better sailing boat.

  3. Cowes Week one year leading in class - X99.

    Had to anchor 3 boat lengths from the finish. First little puff that got the boat moving forward led to 2 crew pulling like crazy on the warp. The momentum was enough to continue the slingshot over the line for the gun and a sly chuckle from the finish boat.

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  4. Loooongest one I've ever done.

    On a BBW 38 cruiser racer. New owner, some of the sails hadn't even been up apart from a quick check on the berth. Boat is ex Obiwan / Avela out of Perth.

    We were Div 2. Only the Force Eleven was in by the time limit but 7 of 25 were still racing. We did pretty well. One tack from the start to Rangi Shore. Went through Tiri Passage. Going outside the Hen and Chicks worked well for us and the J120.

    I think we were the last to actually sail the whole course. We crossed the line with a shy kite about 5pm. Miss Silver gave us a finish gun.


  5. And despite all the talk about sailor safety on the water and for the shore crew on land, I saw a GB sailor biking home last night on a main arterial road without a helmet on and in flagrant breach of NZ traffic regulations.

    Absolutely shocking....... How can it be??? Why doesn't he get a Landrover too???

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  6. Paging Wal.... He's told a few 727 stories in the past. Interestingly no-one has done the cockpit job on the NZ boats. A few are chopping up the 930s to make them nicer to move around.

    I got my license in a 120Y. No towbar. Then went to a Viva to tow around the dinghies. We were 3 in our family.

  7. I totally get the hull. I need some help with the rig. 

    To the best of my knowledge junk rigs are reaching / downwind only. So that is fine for the Milk run, but then what do you do for the beat to NZ? Electric power and a Max Prop?

  8. Slight thread drift. But if we lose a summer of race programmes, will the Corinthian Division gain a whole lot of ex pros who are now hammer hands or in sales?

    Auckland has ex-Volvo sailors everywhere and they either still sail for fun or have bought launches. But the Sydney air always seemed a bit more rarefied to me once you went beyond the truely good folk.