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  1. I raced the demonstrator 36.7 in NZ. We had it set up with a masthead symmetrical.

    Upwind the thing was a train. Loved it. Downwind to 15kn true it was fine. Once other other boats could get on the step we were left behind.

    I thought the cockpit was fine and interior awesome.

  2. Other parts of NZ are looking a whole lot better than Auckland right now.

    2 weeks of lockdown and looking like another few weeks of restricted gatherings and no sailing allowed. Rest of NZ is allowed racing / cruising and gatherings of up to 100.

  3. Auckland, New Zealand is still pretty cool. Rates well in liveable cities

    Adult dinghy is mainly Laser or an NZ design called Zephyr. Pockets of Flying 15 and Elliot 5.9

    Keel boat one design is NZ Young 88, Stewart 34 or the Squadron fleets - MRX and Elliot 7.Otherwise similar but different in the 30-42 feet range. Most boats can overnight as there is really good cruising close by. Even (most) NZ cruisers are fast. Think Farr, Townson or Beale

    Aucklanders tend to migrate north to Whangarei or Bay of Islands, or down to Tauranga when they cash up or the commute gets too hard.

  4. Back on topic.

    Change happens but isn't always immediate.

    IMS stayed premier for 1 or 2 years too long. Yendys and Beau Geste were 1 year wonders but won the Tattersalls so paid their way.

    Canters and powered winches came in pretty fast but that helped the big money campaigns so not really a surprise. I agree with David who has written in the past that power tilted the playing field too far. I sail on a powered 55 and we can throw in tacks or gybes at the drop of a hat.

    I kind of hoped that with World Sailing recognising autopilots and the Fastnet allowing them that CYCA would include them straight away but was probably being a bit optimistic. I think it will come, but not until a few more influential people offload their current boats.

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  5. Did my first SSANZ for a couple of years on Saturday. Nothing like a 25 mile beat in gusting 30 kn and 2 metre chop to get you back in the game. The breeze was up and down with 15 kn then becoming 25 with the odd line squall of plenty too. I was on the long course of 102 miles on a NZ cruiser racer, a Young 13 with a lift keel and twin rudders. It was quickly obvious it wasn't going to be our day so we settled into keeping the boat and ourselves moving and comfortable. Had a great race with the Pogo Class 40 Krakatoa with us swapping positions several times and even a port and starboard in the middle of the Firth of Thames. Had  a #3 and 2 reefs in for the beat and 1 reef for most of the trip home. The run with 1 reef and the fro was good fun when a line squall came through with boat speed in the mid teens. Finished in 15 hours in the middle of the night.

    While a few didn't start and a few retired, I haven't heard of much damage which is a good sign as to the quality of the fleet. We got a lot of water down below so its time for a new prod gasket.

    A shout out to the crew of the Townson who had a blinder. The design is an upwind machine and for them to be in front of the Stewart 34s to the Cow and Calf is very impressive.

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  6. For any women sailors looking for a comfortable foam vest check out the Baltic Genua. It has a split front which follows women's contours far better than most dinghy vests. Not USCG approved.

    Re the tether. Unfortunately the quality of the piston spring can be variable. Better to swap out to a Gibb or Tylasker if you want a quick release.

    People also forget that you can soften up the inflatable to make it more comfortable while retaining plenty of buoyancy. You might only have 100 - 130N rather than 165N but at least it is able to be worn without pain.

  7. I got along to the funeral service for Jim last week and watched the sail past.

    Everything from Tango to Relapse was out. Plus plenty of Y88s and a surprising number of 11s.

    It was a nice farewell. Lots of talk of Camp Freddie. Where is she again? Plus the Y88 Keruru now on the English South Coast. It was originally built for Jim's son Frank and went to Singapore first off. I sailed on it in the late 90s. Scored a 4th at the IRC Nats with no optimisation.

  8. Looking at the Donovan 35 footer makes me think of the Ross 35 - Higher Ground and The Guarantee. Both are for sail in NZ.

    Also Kevin and I talked some years ago about the 34 footer. As I recall the starting point was it had to be faster than an Elliott 1050 and fit into a 12 metre marina with the prod.


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