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  1. Shaved kauri smells so goooood. Looks even better varnished instead of painted - just saying.

    I just completed Ron Holland's autobiography Oceans. He has chapters around the Improbable years, and then much later in the book Dave Allen's last voyage. A great read and tied in really nicely with this thread.

  2. Still one of the nicest keel boats I have sailed. The design only lasted a season before the IOR rule update brought the Swuzzlebubble, Gunboat Rangiriri/ 2269 design for the Sydney Worlds and Southern Cross Cup that year.

    There were a mix of in line and swept back rigs, - same as the 1104s of the era.

  3. + 3 on the posters who suggest buying an old one and using the bonding time to do it up. Cutting and polishing and replacing blocks doesn't match the smell of new  wood, and flocoat doesn't compare to varnish. But it means she will still have a boat she has put time into, it won't be "different" to the other kids, and if you extend to racing, it is ready to roll.

    I've currently got my kids varnishing a do up sailing dinghy and left them drilling holes in the buoyancy tanks to put in a new inspection port.

  4. I'm pretty sure I sailed on the charter one in Hawaii. Day charter out to an island / reef sail home in a solid 20kn.  I recall it as a good boat even with with a reasonable payload. A few years ago now.


    I'll bite. Per Clean.

    "Interestingly, it's been much tougher than last time to get mainstream US media to report on the VOR this time around, and VOR isn't quite sure why. "

    I see this race as a sponsor billboard parade.

    I've previously posted that I wasn't really up for Auckland and enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. But when it is OD, the teams are partially / mostly funded by Volvo related entities, and the in ports are a diversion, I'll enjoy popping in and out but haven't really invested. And because my kids don't buy into the boat titles, they go "oh ok" when I give them an update.

    BUT - they have no idea about IMOCA either.

  6. I saw Rags 90 on my way to Cockatoo Island on Monday. Definitely in laid up mode. Clean but forlorn. I'd forgotten how small it looks vs the aircraft carriers.Also lots of work going on around CYCA docks yesterday on several of the racier boats.

    Terra Firma is rebadged as About Time

    Hollywood / Doll looks very tired. Is she being brought out for the big race after the 38 sojourn?


  7. Winning a Hobart is a pretty good starting point for any yacht. It's also important to remember that Wilson and Lidgard were working day jobs as boat builders, while Bouzaid was fresh off the back of the Rainbow ll international campaigns and racing Cowes etc. For a later generation Hobart boat, Pacific Sundance is racing BOI Sailing Week this week.

  8. Thanks Midpack. I had found those. But where are the 121 specs to compare? Swimsailor - I'm one of those mad Kiwis who are used to big open cockpits (I've even raced a Mini). So the 124 is luxury. Its more where the relative sweet spot of each lies, and probably full crewed vs short crewed relative performance.

  9. I've struggled to find the J124 specs to compare against the 121. Can anyone help? Also who has had a look at hull form between the 2?

    I thought the 124 was a good boat for me. Why should I change my mind towards the new design?

  10. Krakatoa ll is in Auckland. Been in NZ for a few years. Won the recent Solo Trans Tasman. Another Class 40 Hupane is also in Auckland. This is the Verdier Ross and Cambell Field did half of the Global Race on when called Buckley systems.

    I had the Volvo 3 bladed prop and thoroughly recommend it. Essential if you are doing any family / corporate / delivery work. Gets you home against 25kn, and backed into any marina berth without issues. OK - its not as smooth as a Gori but it's 1/3 the price.