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  1. They were on the edge of the puff in the tack. It was way more than 20kn. A minute later when LR showed up it might have gotten back down to 20kn but my recollection was it was still higher than that.

    And yes, I was at the top mark.

  2. TC - They were way different in their roundings. AM went in hot and it was a whiparound and then skywards launch. LR sat the boat down and either got organised or worked out whether they were going to stop per SIs or keep going and then relaunched. Plus even in the minute later the line squall had settled. AM tacked right in the front edge of the squall. That said, the approaching rain line was really obvious,

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  3. I thought the crowd on Sunday was pretty good. There were big issues around the cable area, but that was well forecast to the Marshalls early in the day. Coming home was also very good. Probably the best I've seen considering the numbers of boats.

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  4. I'm still amazed that the CYCA has no problem with electrics / moveable ballast and power generation but thinks an autopilot gives an unfair advantage. Still what will be will be. Gives me another reason not to be stressed about not going.

    Re quarantining. Kiwis can still come over on Christmas Day, but will have to quarantine for 14 days on return - if they can get a spot in a hotel. The Pros can call it business related and may well get paid for the confinement. However they would still miss New Year and a fortnight at the beach.

    Tough ask.



  5. As a Kiwi sailing in NZ I'd be comfortable with a Hanse of that size. Sounds like you will keep it for a while before any major offshore. They are well regarded in NZ as a good cruiser and there is a ready resale market. At a slightly different price point the large Jenneau Sun Odysseys also are popular. Some of the other brands mentioned would be regarded as an orphan back in NZ.

    Personally if I could get into an X50 I would as they are a better sailing boat.

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