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  1. I'm a couple of years out of date in NZ keel boats as am chasing the kids around.

    YNZ do a good job of listening to the active sailor while still dealing with the big clubs grizzling about all their launch owners and cruisers having to pay their affiliation fees. A lot of funding comes through the dinghy High Performance grants and foundations supporting children in boats. So they have an excess of resources in this area, but are getting the wages from targeted funding. People tend to forget this.

    In terms of Keel boats, IRC is dead. I'm biased but initially all certs had to be endorsed. We had a perpetual issue with Mike Irwin refusing to accept travel lift weights, or even 4 pads under travel lift wheels. Then everyone focused on Code 0s making their boats uncompetitive under IRC forgetting the extra pace they got which is why they bought them in the first place. And the cost of IRC renewals got a bit ordinary after a few years, especially for the racer cruiser which is the majority of our fleet, especially outside Auckland. Plus YNZ didn't do a good job of convincing clubs how to offer IRC scoring within their existing racing. As if 2 divisions starting 5 minutes apart but sailing the same course was really going to impact results. Sheesh. To be fair they don't do this well with PHRF either.

    Prior to IRC we had IMS Club which was actually ok.  - now ORC Club. But there was pressure from owners to move to IRC because it was so popular in Oz. Look where that got us.....

    PHRF is a reasonable system. Over time it moves between a past performance bias to a measurement bias. Depends who the conveners are. I suspect it is currently on a past performance swing.


  2. Plenty of obsessive work going on. Amazing - but obsessive. Bogging the floor and where the deck non skid goes doesn't make sense to my "just get it finished" brain. 

    Anyone know what sort of condition the PT is in up in New Caledonia? It's been a while since Aaron did her up.

  3. The Oz ones were well built. Most would have had the rigs replaced / rebuilt by now. Cruising or shorthanded will be easy with a furler and slides/cars on the main.

    Look for one with the extras - 3 blade folding prop, decent anchor winch, good fridge and auto pilot

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  4. I asked the same question a couple of years ago. Perhaps on Cruising Anarchy.

    I thought an early boat with an extended transom to get better light air performance and act as a boarding platform would be a great idea. Never heard a word.........

  5. Yachting NZ was surprisingly bullish in their email to clubs. Our Club in NZ will run out the remainder of the LTS season 3 weeks. The Young 88 keel boat Nationals are still on this weekend with no briefing, party etc. Opti and Starling Nationals due to be held mid-April are having plenty of discussions about proceeding. The Optis would fall under the large gathering restrictions so will have to do something and the usual AUS and Tahiti sailors won't come in any event with our self isolation requirements.

    And most importantly the Auckland Girls regatta has been postponed from this weekend.

    We're due to travel 800 km to the Starlings and have booked so if the regatta is cancelled we will just turn it into a family holiday.

  6. One came to NZ. Called Formula One - funny that. The owner ran a number of cool upgrades such as a TP52 rig and a keel with trim tab. When he went to the TP52 it went pretty cheap. The current owner has rebuilt it and added a small cabin and has been sailing the North Island circuit. 

  7. Was down Q Pier on Thursday and stopped for a look. She's a wildly different beast to what she started as all those years ago. A great job done.Shall we get it IRC rated?

    What with the Squealer green on the Motorboat and the pink bits on yours, all the Y11s and 1050s on Q pier look positively outdated.


    Nice work.



  8. A few points to the letter I would work off.

    Note the word typically.

    Seek clarification of the definition of exotic. Is it 3d raw or a panelled cruising Mylar taffeta?

    Seek dispensation due to late notice.It is allowed to be tried per the letter


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