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  1. I was surprised that there wasn't more talk on this topic. A mate of mine in Oz has one which I've done a bit of sailing on.

    Rates 1.08 ish on IRC so reasonable for a cruiser racer. It isn't a boat to get up and boogie but is easy to keep moving.

    Good Bene features - ergonomics, easy to replace parts, dual use. Rig isn't too big so sail costs are contained.

    Requires rig maintenance. If you want to get super competitive the carbon rig and rebedded stanchions, plus a fixed bowsprit are usual add ons.


  2. You could do a lot worse. Looks like good value for money, especially with the sea view and building amenities.

    About a 20 minute down hill walk to the Viaduct where the sailing and bar action is. Britomart is also good night life - around 15 min walk downhill to get there.

    Close to cool formal (CBD) and informal restaurants (Upper Queen St and K Road    (Karangahape). View Metro top 50 restaurants . (sorry no link).

    Close to bus routes - the outer link is good for around town and has a stop on Wellesley St and Symonds St near you. Also look for City link for getting down to the waterfront. Transport is half price if you by an AT Hop Card and better than ride sharing.

    PM if needed

  3. Visited Hobart last week for work. Had an active programme so didn't get far past downtown and Battery Point (quick homage to the past at the Shippie) apart from the ferry trip to MONA. We took over the Custom House late on Friday night after they finished at Princes Wharf too early. Sorry to any locals - some couldn't cope but it was a fun time.

    Peter Davidson - he of the helicopter crew rescue of Stand Aside crew in 98 was one of the speakers at our conference. The footage still sends a shiver up the spine and he gave a great talk.

  4. So 100 days to go and 131 entries. What surprises me is the lack of the classic racers. Really only a few celebrating the occasion - Fidelis, Love and War, Mark Twain. Kialoa and Natelle are there but are regular/recent contestants. I was hoping a few more of the older big boats would be going to wind back the clock. I wonder why it hasn't caught the imagination like I thought it would? Stability? Cost? Motor power? Bow sprits?

    Will I have to wait for the 100th to really see a celebration of the Hobart races over the years?

  5. When you've got 14 divisions for 234 boats everyone's a winner - but in reality the on shore has been as important as the racing for 2/3 of the boats forever. Back in the bad old days there was the 85 mile overnighter and then the rest day afterwards. That got canned. Then the split of w/Ls for the grand prix while the normal people went passage racing. It doesn't have to be crazy expensive, but if you can enjoy yourself, why not?

  6. Does Hobart sail twilights / rum races / WAGS equivalent in early October?

    I'm  coming there for a work conference and hoping to sneak out on a Friday evening. Failing that, which bar is best?

  7. I was crewing with Chris Sayer in the NZ Mini. We dropped our rig.

    NZ doesn't have a minimum crew number in their NORs and SIs - or safety regulations. Therefore as long as you don't auto pilot you can compete as normal. If a double handed division is in place then you can auto pilot but are ineligible for overall prizes.

    I've done a number of normal races 2 and 3 handed over the years. Even did a twilight single handed when the crew all got "caught in traffic" and other excuses on a rainy day - that then became a beautiful evening.

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  8. Rob Drury did a lot of work back in the day. I was in the last SSAA 2 handed Trans Tasman. We were actually based at CYCA in our NZ boat.

    The NZ SSANZ has been very successful as a virtual yacht club. They run a very successful passage racing series over winter, and other longer events on a fairly regular cycle.


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  9. Shaved kauri smells so goooood. Looks even better varnished instead of painted - just saying.

    I just completed Ron Holland's autobiography Oceans. He has chapters around the Improbable years, and then much later in the book Dave Allen's last voyage. A great read and tied in really nicely with this thread.

  10. Still one of the nicest keel boats I have sailed. The design only lasted a season before the IOR rule update brought the Swuzzlebubble, Gunboat Rangiriri/ 2269 design for the Sydney Worlds and Southern Cross Cup that year.

    There were a mix of in line and swept back rigs, - same as the 1104s of the era.

  11. + 3 on the posters who suggest buying an old one and using the bonding time to do it up. Cutting and polishing and replacing blocks doesn't match the smell of new  wood, and flocoat doesn't compare to varnish. But it means she will still have a boat she has put time into, it won't be "different" to the other kids, and if you extend to racing, it is ready to roll.

    I've currently got my kids varnishing a do up sailing dinghy and left them drilling holes in the buoyancy tanks to put in a new inspection port.

  12. I'm pretty sure I sailed on the charter one in Hawaii. Day charter out to an island / reef sail home in a solid 20kn.  I recall it as a good boat even with with a reasonable payload. A few years ago now.


    I'll bite. Per Clean.

    "Interestingly, it's been much tougher than last time to get mainstream US media to report on the VOR this time around, and VOR isn't quite sure why. "

    I see this race as a sponsor billboard parade.

    I've previously posted that I wasn't really up for Auckland and enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. But when it is OD, the teams are partially / mostly funded by Volvo related entities, and the in ports are a diversion, I'll enjoy popping in and out but haven't really invested. And because my kids don't buy into the boat titles, they go "oh ok" when I give them an update.

    BUT - they have no idea about IMOCA either.

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