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  1. Shouldn't this photo be in the "Cow appreciation Day' Thread?
  2. Many years ago when I was about mid 20's I had the unfortunate opportunity to be sat by a middle aged citizen of the USA on a flight from Sydney to Auckland. About a 3 1/2 hour trip. She said she was going to be in NZ for 2 weeks so I asked her what she was intending to see. Is there anything worth seeing, she replyed? I told her about our mountains, rivers, lakes,beaches etc and got told in no uncertain terms the The USA had the best mountains,rivers,lakes and beaches. I told her the fishing, both sea and fresh water was world class but was told in reply nowhere could beat the fishing availab
  3. RIP sir..........well remembered and watched as a kid in the 1960's and 70's. Respect.
  4. Kia Kaha Hobot.......Be strong.
  5. I recently saw the Uma couple test sail an all electric boat...can't remeber the brand. Anyway, it had a VERY long fin keel and bulb with twin electric motors/props out board. May I suggest that HR is doing something similar. Small skeg in front of the twin props for prop protection in front of the twin rudders.
  6. She has the looks and figure but really needs to SHUTUP!!! Her loves herself attitude is no doubt due to her being a model and a lifetime of having everyone around her telling her she is beautiful and special.
  7. Not likely. We are boring and cold.....they don't like cold and we have just began Autumn (Fall for you northern American types). So, we are cold and getting colder everyday. The weather forecast is for Snow on the Southern Alps and high country this weekend.
  8. With those Tats, I would give her a dollar to put her clothes back on.
  9. I am a Kiwi but I personally rate Sydney as anything but DULL. Lots to see and do in Sydney......and other coastal areas along Aussies east coast. I always thought a trip up the Hawkesbury river would be an interesting trip to do.
  10. If he's being blown by the girls I quess he's not so concerned about being blown by the wind...:)
  11. I once knew someone who bought a 2nd hand Casket at an auction. Who would buy a 2nd hand Casket??? Anyway...to get it home he drilled some holes in the roof of his car and bolted it on. Repaired the holes when he got home.
  12. I always thought this "top of Page girl" looks incredibly sad:(
  13. I watch occasionally. In one video, Bobby was shown getting out of bed and in the background his latest GF was still in bed. When he edited that episode Bobby wasn't quite fast enough with the pixxing to cover the GF who was definately au natural. I am sure he bangs at least some of them.
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