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  1. We had a leak on the coolant pump that filled the engine bilge which would spill over to the main bilge. We couldn't figure out where the water was coming from as the poor engine is generally left to its own devices until it's time for service as long as it runs to get us to and from the race course. We spent time checking for bilge pump back leaks and such. Water tank leaks. Throughhull leaks. It wasn't until I decided to check the sail drive that I found the engine bilge was full of water and the water pump was pissing water into the bilge when it was running. Fixing that - we get a lot
  2. On the J90 we hit 25kts coming in under the gate in SF... On the J111 - I think the highest I've seen so far is 18kts - the owner was ecstatic. Made up for crap results for the day in his mind.
  3. On the swift solo single handed skiff (back when I was lucky enough to have one) - I used vectran for the uppers and dyneema for the primaries and lowers. Dyneema was pretty standard across the fleet.
  4. pqbon


    If I was in the market for a boat right now I promise I would be on this in a heartbeat. As an aside - If you plan on taking Carbon Offset out on Folsom Lake or Lake Natoma before selling her and need crew let me know.
  5. pqbon


    Still not in the classifieds... Already sold?
  6. These numbers sound high with pound sterling at 1.54. Not sure how J Boats representation works in Europe, you may have uplifted international pricing. Depending on how trick you get with sail inventory and electronics, the cost is likely to peg in the high 200s. I will get over that with #4 but those are my own choices on fit out. I much agree for OD, pricing needs to stay in check. That said, the 111 probably deserves a premium over the 109. I asked a local J dealer - he said expect $350k to take a J111 home compared to $300k for the J109.
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