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  1. Way to Go! Congrats to skipper and crew. And the 4th place team (1 point out of 2nd) was coached by a Mainer, my baby boy :>)
  2. Below is this past season's schedule for reference. I had thought long ago that Monhegan was always the first weekend in August but for whatever reason it was moved to the second weekend. None of the PYC hosted dates are "carved in stone" and the RC Committee has and will be discussing dates and how to improve the racing and/or attendence. If people value Monhegan over Camden Castine and the Down East Race Week over Camden Castine then Monhegan can be moved. Other points of discussion after this years longgggggggg race is shortening and/or changing the course. What about deleting the southern
  3. For us it is/was crew. Hard time coming up with a solid core of 6-7 willing to sail every (or any) event. I'm going to buy a 5 knot shitbox that can be doublehanded in the cruising class....
  4. Is the MS Regatta NOR posted anywhere? Does anyone know the start time? 1PM?
  5. Sail Maine has 8 Yngdings......MMA has Colgates...
  6. I thought the RC sucked pretty bad SHould have let those damn Etchells with no GPS, no engine, no radar reflectors and probably no charts race another race in 20' visability and no wind...
  7. Looking for crew on the FT10M for Pilot, Haraseeket, PHRF Maine, Boothbay, HBS MidSummer, Monhegan, MS and Fall....e-mail me direct at Scott@theboathouse.biz .
  8. Yup, it is the end of a fucking era................
  9. Revo math...multiply by 2 and add 8 for correct rating...
  10. Sounds like a Sportboat fleet in the making me and Revo XI in a Hendo
  11. Not sure if it was a trade I heard there will be no Revo this summer....What is the "new" class A down to 4 boats....think they may want to rethink the splits..
  12. Soggy no boat for you?? Thought you'd at least downsize to something..
  13. Should be fast for Monhegan Race on 08-08-08
  14. Old old news....nice to be recognized and called "a boathouse" instead of "The Boathouse"....fucktard reporter...btw anyone have 3,000 sf on the water for rent ?
  15. Fly, our foredeck guy on the Flying Tiger goes to Eckerd and said the UVM sailing team were a bunch of hard core drinking puppies down there last week...hope you got some training in too..
  16. Just a little racing done KWRW, StPete NOOD, and this weekend San Diego NOOD...
  17. Schedule is exact same dates as last year....because there is 29 days in February this year
  18. The YC situation will obviously get better and more friendly (it couldn't be much worse then it was)...HBS will always have access available, but maybe no tenants beyond the restaurant ...the words "First Class Marina" are being thrown about which should be good news...
  19. Yes and Family Wagon if his rating stays at 48..We are scratch boat in B at 54...
  20. Class Breaking News.....A up to 51, B 52 - 89, C 90 - 135, D 136 and up......good thing a few skippers showed up at the GMORA meeting tonight where the hell were the rest of you???
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