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  1. CharSar also known as 查利 薩拉人 was "launched" on Friday and is now "sailing" across the Pacific on board the MSC Texas heading for Long Beach
  2. Have you seen the Deer Isle Maine pieces regarding Maine Lobstermen sailing America Cup boats back in the day. You would think a writer from the Maine Telegram (hint,hint) would pick this up and run with it. http://www.sail-world.com/index_n.cfm?nid=33096
  3. I am sure she was promised citizenship....
  4. Frying Pan to the head Day 38....count on it
  5. Well got the official PHRF NE # for CharSar the Flying Tiger 10M is 54...........Guess I'm playing with the big boys
  6. Anyone seen the "new" PYC race site. http://www.regattapromotions.com/portland-...ace-series.html ..All kinds of new sponsors including SAILING ANARCHY and the best sailboat shop in the Northeast THE BOATHOUSE (hey need a free plug once in a while)..It is great that Stirrings a Cocktail Mix company is lead sponsor of the whole "summa" series....Sounds like Cosmos all around at the pre-race partees
  7. Its slower then a 5 rater and faster then a 7 rater (at least in theory)
  8. Nice website too bad no where on it does it mention how much is annual dues and PHRF certificate. I sort of remember $30 is that still correct?
  9. Not to change the subject but what is class A western fleet going to look like for most of this year: Revolution 48 Kaos 69 Sheerness 45 Scaramouche 60 Bandito -3 Big Dog Party 12 Pain Killer 42 Tamarack 60 Spanking Ma 57 Whiplash 72 Wiley 72 Beausoleil 75 Revolution 0?? CharSar 50?? Hallett 45??
  10. I too could be convinced to help spring for said AED...MaxLuff get us some prices....
  11. Not with an 18 month waiting list....according to the article its happening next fall....
  12. Put down the crack pipe....unless Phin is writing a check for $1.5MM yu won't see 10 anytime soon..
  13. I have a GMORA scoring question, is the boat being scored for a series or is it the skipper? In other words if someone else races your boat because you are out of town does still count?
  14. To get this slightly back to a sailing topic anyone that has "extra" crew send them my way as we need 3-4 steadys for the FT10M next summer. Is the Points East crew fest in the spring worth trolling?..
  15. Soggy you don't happen to bowl at OldTown..ewwwwwwww http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/news/sta...1nakedbowl.html
  16. G, you do need help....Are you buying, selling or borrowing?////
  17. There is a movement afoot to start a V-15 fleet next spring. Not sure if it will get off the ground but decent used boats can be had for $2,000-$3,000 and you will be able to sail with your spouse, brother, sig other, etc.. Regarding the Lasers there are probably 20-25 boats sitting unused in the greater Portland area just need a ring master to motivate the masses and sshow bob sounds like the perfect one
  18. The only PHRF rating I have seen is from San Diego Hot Rum serises where it rated a 48. This I believe is based on the SoCal PHRF Random Leg Course rating system (although presumably SoCal PHRF hates the Ed so they are purposely low balling the FT10M). That same system rates the Hendo 30 at 42, which rates 45 in PHRFNE, the J109 at 60 which rates 69 in PHRFNE, the Mumm 30 at 42 which rates 54 in PHRFNE and the J120 at 42 which rates 54 in PHRFNE so I am guessing around a 55-58 +/-....
  19. Nope didn't get no stinking e-mail....maybe when I move up to A my opinion will matter
  20. Ahh excuse me but Roach Coach, Commotion, Snowbird. Go Dog Go and RipCurl all raced in your "anemic" Class B in Pilot (8 boats), and Class B in PHRF Maine's (9 boats) and the racing was close and competitive. Perhaps it is a matter of GMORA looking at who and what fleets/class breaks are competing in the regattas not the GMORA class break scoring sheets...
  21. That sounds good, I'll be able to race the FT 10M (55+/-) in A, finish and then race the Melges 24 (102) in C
  22. Dodge's boat is still in the HBS harba.......
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