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  1. http://www.sonderklasse-yachten.de/sonderclasskurz.html
  2. !st race of the season, either solo or same household:
  3. Late 60's : Pearsons, Morgans, Tartan 27. It seems like in the late 60's everything under 30' was a MORC contender, but none were designed explicitly to the rule. Early '70's : Cal 25 or Cal 27. Neither qualifies as brick shithouse. Morgan 27, C&C25, C&C 27, are a bit sturdier built. This is when you started seeing custom designed MORC typeforms. Late '70's really started the production MORC typeform. Lindenberg 26, Soveral 26, then later the Merit 25, Evelyns, S2-7.9 and 9.1. Many other sub-30' in this timeframe sailed MORC but weren't designed explicitly to the rule, s
  4. Not sure how to embed: CoViD-19 PSA : https://youtu.be/Hks6Nq7g6P4
  5. https://110class.com/2014/11/01/2014-commodores-dinner-jim-hunt/
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