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  1. Well fucking done sir You and your wife should be very proud
  2. Who drives an electric car and is ok giving over 1/2 their salary over to the tax collector.
  3. Yep The defense looked like they just quit in the 2nd half. This program is toast. They need a strong head coach to come in as a strong leader.
  4. We play it a lot every year, it always brings a bit of a tear to my eye.
  5. Apparently Christopher Walken checks or attempts to check the guns that are involved in his films. From the Wall Street Journal There’s a famous story from the set of “At Close Range,” the 1986 film starring Christopher Walken and Sean Penn as father-and-son criminals. In one scene, Mr. Penn points a gun directly at Mr. Walken’s face. According to the story, Mr. Walken was diligent about checking the pistol before every take to make sure it wasn’t loaded. Moments before the cameras rolled, Mr. Penn grew frantic. “Give me the other gun,” he shouted at a crew member, who duly comp
  6. This ties in with a couple of videos posted above. I always kinda liked this one from the NYC shows back in 2000, its got the whole band
  7. Which El Toro Bravo do you frequent?
  8. Is be unstoppable the best wording to put on a tampon?
  9. I'm about 1/2 through Lincoln Highway and so far it isn't as good as the other 2. It's still a well written novel that I would recommend but IMO its not Gentleman in Moscow. We'll see how part 2 goes.
  10. pbd


    Sounds a lot like the plot for Pet Cemetery
  11. Surprised we're not talking about the UDUB (Warshington) coach being suspended without pay for bitch slapping one of his players that was brawling with the other team I watched some of that game, and couldn't believe Lake had been in the coaching game long enough to get a head coaching job without stroking out. It seemed like every play he was ranting and raging and screaming like a lunatic. That's likely 2 Pac-12 schools that have head coach openings. Oh wait probably 3, as I can't see AZ keeping Jed the Fish around after losing 20 straight.
  12. Thank you for that. It looked real familiar, but I couldn't place it.
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