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  1. The Who still sings My Generation “Hope I die before I get old”
  2. And they’re swimming 10% farther I can’t stand going to the pool (long course) and getting lapped every f’en 100m by the kids who are just out of college who are just barely past their prime.
  3. Now I'm praying for the end of time... So I can end my time with you.
  4. There's a memory for me. I had many a Garbage Burrito during my college days. Back in the day, El Rey's was part of the triple crown of grease. Tommy's and Fat Burger were the other 2. Thanks Hobot
  5. pbd

    Geriatric Rock

    I'm a big fan of Iggy's work and his voice still holds up. But........... This strikes me as a sad parody of a geriatric unable to realize he's in his 70's
  6. Had fun on these as a yute. Currently there is a shitload of delinquent fuckwits in my area that are riding around on homemade versions of these. Only problems are they are completely unmuffled and are louder than you can imagine and they typically travel in packs of 20+. Did I mention they're louder than fuck?
  7. A compound bow can be your best friend. Just practice a lot so you don't have a bunch of wounded deer with arrows sticking out of them roaming the neighborhood causing the bunny huggers to start asking questions.
  8. So it's been said before
  9. A couple we knew had a deal, equal time and $$$ for each person to pursue their non-couple hobbies. His was sailing. She decided the only way to come out even with his expenditures was to take up stuffing $20 bills down the garbage disposal.
  10. Just going through this having stepped out of the corporate world in Spring. We were supposed to be finishing an 8 week euro trip in Scandinavia but the Covid-19 happened. Instead we just hiked to the Summit of Lassen Peak earlier today. Wifey and I are in the final stretch of an 11 state 5k mile tour of the western states. Next is Napa followed by a jaunt down the Ca coast. We keep a place on the central coast. After that we’re back in So Cal in time for college football and hunting season. You’ll find a lot of ways to fill the hours I strongly second the advice not to
  11. Not Lester, Juan
  12. Sounds like War of the Roses
  13. Had a buddy whose son was dating Disneyland’s Cinderella through a texting error he ended up with a shitload of necked pictures of same Disney princess. Even the Disney girls have needs.
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