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  1. Horses for courses I thought Lincoln was the least compelling of the trio and was hard pressed to pick a winner between the Gentleman and Rules. Wifey has the same ranking as I, although I believe she is more partial to Gentleman than Rules.
  2. Demand, after all you're the rookie that has never done this, he shoot first at every station so you know what is being thrown.
  3. Hmmm. No significant change in the tides in Long Beach at 7:00 when the warnings indicated risk was going to be the highest.
  4. I always thought this would revive her career more than it did. Go figure.
  5. How did this not get recognized? https://apnews.com/article/ronnie-spector-dead-84c905db02a01ffa43a6052c3ce66920
  6. Is this from Forbidden Zone? Been a while since I saw that cult film, I remember Danny Elfman played the Devil.
  7. Between Wifey and me, we've probably got 5 80's vintage 12-C's and a 90's era 17 BII. These things are bulletproof. A friend of mine had an "Oh Shit" moment when she realized the analyst she was interviewing was younger than the 12-C she had on her desk.
  8. Maybe not the worst ever but really really bad. We have a theory in our house that after watching the dailies, Kubrick killed himself so he wouldn't have to screen the finished project.
  9. Not sure I can contribute, unless waterskiing in a ditch behind a pickup truck, or being banned from every muni golf course in a 30 mile radius for shenanigan's and damage to golf carts during summer break, or a quick discussion with the local constables following knee boarding behind a golf cart on a flooded private course after a big rain or carrying our shotguns while on our bikes headed out for an afterschool dove hunt count.
  10. Read some of Joseph Wambaugh's stuff. Fiction written by an ex-cop that often speaks to the damage that dealing with societies issues day in and day out does to law enforcement officers.
  11. Covid just cancelled the San Diego Bowl or whatever the fuck its called. I bet those NC fans that travelled all the way across country are just pleased as punch hearing this announcement.
  12. Absolutely pitiful. Completely unwatchable.
  13. You're a fine girl What a good wife you would be.
  14. One of my Christmas favorites. Much better without Yoko screeching in the background
  15. Small claims seems to be the best action. As long as she's not selling a lien doesn't really put any pressure on her
  16. Googles says you got the lyric wrong. https://www.google.com/search?q=night+moves+lyrics+bob+seger&oq=night+moves+l&aqs=chrome.2.0i433i512j69i57j0i512l8.5844j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  17. Not sure if its doomed but certainly changed. How long before a league leading "student athlete" at a Bowl Division team enters the transfer portal because Phil Knight has promised to pay them an extra $1MM that the Cincy folks can't match?
  18. Just got this from the Remington folks
  19. Pretty much agree except for the opening door. You've got Cincinnati, Mich and OSU in play if they win out, with the coaching change I don't think the Irish will get a seat at the table.
  20. I'll believe it when it is officially announced. But my Magic 8 Ball says "Highly Likely" Now, who's going to run the hapless defense????
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