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  1. Landfall Navigation in CT: Landfall Navigation | Home Team 1 Newport in Newport: Team One Newport - Sailing and Foul Weather Gear for the Active Sailor (team1newport.com)
  2. spacecraft from Interstellar
  3. https://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/news/20687/four-vendee-globe-skippers-are-in-the-zone-to-help-in-rescue-of-kevin-escoffier Article 2200hrs UTC NEWS UPDATE Race Direction of the Vendée Globe requested the assistance of three competing skippers, Germany’s Boris Herrmann (Seaexplorer-Yacht Club de Monaco), Yannick Bestaven (Maître CoQ IV) and Sébastien Simon (ARKEA PAPREC) to help Jean Le Cam (Yes We Cam!) in the mission to retrieve solo skipper Kevin Escoffier from his life raft after the 40 year old from Saint Malo had to abandon his IMOCA 60 PRB this Monday afternoon after acti
  4. Sounds like rationalization to me at this point. We haven't seen any of these boats properly line up against each other yet. Which parts are the "best concepts"? What makes this the "most advanced"?
  5. RumHam here, will be joining for the Vendee. In races so far have not been aware that there are routing programs like Zezo so will be great start using that. Have just used what was available within the app. I've always kind of figured that if I can see @Your Mom, I must be doing something right. Thanks for posting the link to Zezo
  6. did the Scottish Series in Tarbert on Loch Fyne a couple years ago, though that regatta is in May, would do some digging to see if anyone is around in October. To Alan H's point, may just be dinghies at that point
  7. Very similar to an 88 in terms of weight balancing so no, i don't think they got the weight balancing wrong. It's just something you have to be mindful of. After the spring tune up, where those tuning guide pics were taken, we started sailing upwind with 2-3 in front of the shrouds. Keeping an eye on the knuckle is key, as with most boats
  8. I have a Quatix 5, the racing app is quite useful on it's own and pretty accurate relative to our boat's B&G Z3 instruments on the boat. The next challenge is to try to connect the two...they don't recognize each other via bluetooth or ANT+. Has anyone had any luck with this? If we had Garmin instruments and autopilot, it should be able to connect, feed data to the phone and control the autopilot. Would be great to get that going. I can connect to the boat's audio system and my phone at the same time and control the music which is pretty great for cruising. I believe the Quatix 5
  9. Bingo...the 125 looks like a bat outta hell and a blast to sail but do you need full 8-10 person crew? With the 121, you don't get the performance of the 125 in all conditions or points of sail but as the design brief states, you can sail it with 4-6 people rather than a full 8-10. And as jackolantern points out, you can cruise the 121 with the wife....a big factor for many boat owners
  10. Same here and agreed that we would be hard pressed to beat a 125 in most conditions boat for boat. I'd be really interested though to line up with one in 20kts+ at different points of sail with full water ballast. I would guess that we could hold our own above a beam reach but that anything below a beam reach the 125 would pull away. On the Bermuda race last year, that is the angle that Apollo won on in the last 24 hours when the wind kicked up to 15-20kts, though of course the bigger boats in our class up front only saw 10-15kts.
  11. Not sure about that boat specifically but since there is no one design rule/class, the boats have drifted quite a bit from each other due to after market modifications, different sail plans by different makers, and the IRC optimizations (generally changing the keel to a fin and adding a small fixed prod to the bow for smaller A-sails) that the boats going to Europe went through. In May, there is another J121 Spring Tune Up put on by JBoats in Newport. I hear they're expecting 5-7 boats so should be very interesting to see everyone lined up.
  12. Just want to reiterate because I think the message got lost in my last post, this is a fast and fun boat to sail. Very please with it after our 1st season
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