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  1. Quietly noted above but absolutely essential to release any sail controls, mainsheet not cleated, traveller off. Downhaul and vang off. The boat won't come up otherwise. A guy with a paper tiger had a neat little pocket in the front of his tramp that held a small rope ladder for climbing back on (he had a heart condition).
  2. Cut the dagger board so it sticks a few inches down , then you should have your directional stability.
  3. I had really good results a few times but with small pieces by coating the wood with raw epoxy then lots of coats of UV varnish. The epoxy stopped the grain from lifting (imho).
  4. Here's a selection! Cheep, throw it away after each party.
  5. 1. Park the boat on the trailer where you can pull the trailer out from under the boat. 2. Anchor the rear of the boat - tie a rope through the drain holes etc. 3. Pull the winch out and attach to back of car or tree etc. 4. Wind trailer forward, with jockey wheel low so back is high 5. Put stuff under stern. I've used tree logs and old tyres. 6. When you get to the balance point support the gunnels, I used treated pine half logs. 7. Keep winding, when you can get another log or tyres under the area just after the balance point you're done. Wind trailer out of the
  6. Here in 'straya we can get three types of fuel, the 10%ethanol, straight 91 octane or 98 octane. I usually use the 98 in small engines. Also I now sail a beach cat so don't have any problems with fuel!
  7. I've had a lot of success with Norglass epoxy filler. It's white and you fill the nick then about 20 mins later the skin has gone firm and you can wet your finger and rub it smooth. For a nick on the trailing edge I use thumb and forefinger to do the same. Result is something you can go sailing with. No idea if you can get it where King Trump rules
  8. +1 on the A class. One day I came across a guy said n the water. His A was off on its own. Went about 500m until one of the guys managed to get it to bear up. It took us a long time to catch it, there were two of us in a maricat!
  9. The laser option won't work. It's an unstated mast so it'll need a lot of strength to hold it up. Go sailing, enjoy the breeze.
  10. If you make up some brown packing tape so the sticky side is up you can run the semi cured stuff so it's really smooth, then when it's dry take the tape off and you have really smooth finish.
  11. Mirror dinghy! Best fun I've ever had was at their nationals in Newquay Cornwall some decades ago. 140 boats, a veritable swarm.
  12. Can't remember I'm afraid, I don't think we ever talked about boat names, we just sailed. The skipper drove a VW fastback.
  13. When I were a lad, must have been to n the late 60s Merlin's where very popular at draycote water. The national champions built a boat every year, I understood that they made a living out of it. The guy crewed for had a boat that had an inverse curve underneath. They banned it after but his wasn't illegal due to grandfathering. Great fun. Great memories.
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