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  1. Anybody with satellite AIS access able to comment on the speed that HB are doing - seems to be staying in front of the chasing pack.
  2. Certainly looks like HB has dropped back on the satellite AIS, Charlie overtaken him too.
  3. It is inevitable that the leaders are going to have some light and potentially upwind work to do in 4 days time, assuming the wind predictions are correct. This is +96Hrs and there is no way they will keep up enough speed to avoid the shutdown (distance line for reference), as far as I can see.
  4. So what's the story with AIS satellite detection? From a quick google it sounds less reliable.
  5. Sam still on AIS and doing 21.4knts. Corum, PRB, Apivia and LinkedOut all dropped off now
  6. it can't be such big periods between updates due to giving the skippers info - surely they have all that by AIS and I understand that AIS has to be permanently on right?
  7. Corum has gybed doing around 15kn - PRB, LinkedOut and Apivia highlighted to the West doing bigger numbers at least in this snapshot.
  8. Nice bit of explanation of the additions that HB have for the autopilot. And, if you can get on to HB's wifi network, you can access teamviewer easy (whatever that is), as they have left the password handy:
  9. yeah - saw that - says nothing on interpretation or the issues
  10. Means very little - just an auto generated status report. IPRP has been done - see here, first item under "Search and Examination-Related Documents". I'd assume NZ would be the focus for the extraction of cash that Chaves is attempting, and the patent is already granted there, so that document, NZ740860, is the only relevant one now. Based on the Stuff article, it looks like ETNZ have already had a look at the patent and concluded the same as on here, that there are structural differences in the claims compared with the AC75 system. Still, that doesn't mean that Chaves can't continue
  11. Yeah, and thanks to the gentle education that SAAC provides, I think you and @Indio are right, its limited to that particular type of rotation mechanism, which is dumb from a patent point of view. You would normally just say a "rotation means" or something suitable benign when it doesn't really matter what does the rotation, assuming the invention is elsewhere. Sounds like the AC are safe.
  12. Well, I never said I was a good lawyer, I just said I was one (well patent attorney, but lets not split hairs). If that's a term of the art, as would be understood by someone in the relevant field (arguably a naval architect) when reading the patent, then you're right. If it isn't, then its interpreted on the face of the language, with no regard to what it might be mean in fluid power engineering. I'm in electronics by the way. Its more than likely very arguable for someone with some cash to burn on the issue, which I doubt Chaves does.
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