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  1. Check the Parts Store at Waterline Systems.
  2. I mounted a J/70 carbon fiber flicker that I purchased from Sail22. I then mounted my Windex between the screws used to mount the flicker. Has worked great so far.
  3. I had a problem finding one a couple of years ago and ended up ordering a new one from France. Love the boat and worth every penny. Good luck!
  4. Can you send me your email address and I can forward them to you? I have the measurements from North sails which essentially lines up the track with the middle of the winch. I used to own 814 and I have the measurements for that boat as well. The track lines up on the outboard surface of the winch. The old factory setting were probably 6 inches or so outside of that but I can't find the measurements for those. I recently bought a new boat and placed the tracks the in the same place as 814. Primarily use a 155 genoa
  5. I have the measurements you need. I will try to find them this weekend and post them.
  6. Thanks, Lex- exactly what I’m looking for.
  7. I am trying to help a newbie friend tune the rig on his Catalina 27 - anybody have a tuning guide? Thanks in advance.
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