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  1. Not nearly enough fuel for my taste. Ballast to Displacement not so robust and, as mentioned, prop strut way exposed. did watch the interview video of the designer and he has great observations and suggestions but misses the mark on other points. IMHO.
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-man-bubble-vessel-washes-ashore-beach Here’s a guy who makes Rimas look like the a Volvo Ocean Racing Captain. Only in Florida can they breed these adventurous and capable seafarers.
  3. Wish i could afford the crew and upkeep. i think 55-57 is my upper limit considering ten year cost horizon. my assumption is that (on average) everything on a boat gets replaced or refurbished every decade. above 57’ i think full time crew (for maintenance, not boat handling) becomes a requirement. There’s a 62’ hallberg 2003 in antigua asking 650. Looks pretty good but I can’t rationally afford a full time captain.
  4. I hear you. LM is offering a base 52 for 1.8. I have a rig and a hull. I have good primaries and aging plumbing. I think i could make her nice enough for half. Perhaps leaving off a lot of items like the thruster or new furlers. We’ll see.
  5. I have to be careful because I don’t want to say a lot about the yards on a public forum. i will most likely sign a bilateral NDA. I wont want to discuss the business end of this online and I’d want to keep my relationship with the shipyard private. If I have a great experience then I’ll discuss it. Otherwise my lips only wag in personal communications If anyone with experience is willing to offer advice, please email/PM me directly. Don If the cost is more than the delivered cost of the alternates, listed below, then I’ll change tack (donate or sell) and begin to look at other
  6. Have been thinking a great deal about what to do with this boat. Had considered selling or donating it and starting with a newer HR54/HR55 or Amel 55. Now am convinced that a refit is the way forward for me. It's a big job and will cost a fortune, but so would the boats I'm considering. Am now trying to get the attention of larger, more reputable yards anywhere on the East Coast (FL to ME) where they can work with aluminum. Work would begin in about 6-8 weeks with an April target launch date. Any recommendations would be most welcome
  7. Interesting choice. Not a lot of cockpit or salon for toddlers to crawl around.
  8. Has anyone looked at LaVag Patreon to see the announcement regarding their next boat? Apparently the Outremer 45 will no longer provide passage for the growing family.
  9. Judging from the deck hatch, this is the HR 64/62 update...
  10. in the Gunboat 55 listing it says: ”Her winches are manual, and can be powered by their handheld electric powered handles.” . For two commas, I want to push buttons.
  11. Seems crazy that they haven’t removed it. Sounds like a 22 year old ticking time bomb. When R’zer explains it the forces are magnified by the ratio of 25’/2.5” or about 120:1. Wow.
  12. @Tylo sent me this photo. That geared cog is at the base of the shaft which in turn is attached via the strut to the boom. From what I've read, the gears on the cog drive the hydraulic piston shafts which dampen the motion of the boom.
  13. @Diarmuld, I think I misled you. The base of the GD is not linked to a dynamic/controllable hydraulic system but rather to hydraulic shocks like on the suspension on a big truck... Think of a massive truck. In my experience, sealed hydraulic pistons don't fail frequently but do have a finite life. Having said that, I agree generally with your assessment that there would be multiple failure points and it's probably not practical or reliable.. OTOH, Gefion is 22 years old and the system has not been removed. Am guessing that it 'does no harm' at least.
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