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  1. Judging from the deck hatch, this is the HR 64/62 update...
  2. in the Gunboat 55 listing it says: ”Her winches are manual, and can be powered by their handheld electric powered handles.” . For two commas, I want to push buttons.
  3. Seems crazy that they haven’t removed it. Sounds like a 22 year old ticking time bomb. When R’zer explains it the forces are magnified by the ratio of 25’/2.5” or about 120:1. Wow.
  4. @Tylo sent me this photo. That geared cog is at the base of the shaft which in turn is attached via the strut to the boom. From what I've read, the gears on the cog drive the hydraulic piston shafts which dampen the motion of the boom.
  5. @Diarmuld, I think I misled you. The base of the GD is not linked to a dynamic/controllable hydraulic system but rather to hydraulic shocks like on the suspension on a big truck... Think of a massive truck. In my experience, sealed hydraulic pistons don't fail frequently but do have a finite life. Having said that, I agree generally with your assessment that there would be multiple failure points and it's probably not practical or reliable.. OTOH, Gefion is 22 years old and the system has not been removed. Am guessing that it 'does no harm' at least.
  6. Max, Pls send me a link for the Dock Clamps and Auto Watchkeepers. Just what I need for my 48,000 pound boat. But seriously. Thanks for making me laugh.
  7. I don't mind complexity, I just want to understand it. It seems to me that whenever you add complexity and automation to the boat you expect higher expenditure, more rigorous and extensive maintenance with the risk that the system fails precisely when you need it most. For me the best example of this is the auxiliary which fail with unfortunate frequency during storms and while docking. Nonetheless we accept that trade off and we do our best to maintain our auxiliary so that we have the highest chance that it will work when needed. On the other hand, prudent sailors have back up plans and kno
  8. In the thread about lusting yachtworld boats, there's a mention of a 74 foot sailing yacht (SY Gefion) listed in northeast Europe which has a very interesting and esoteric system for controlling the boom swing in a gybe. There is what looks like a second, massive Vang structure that connects to a very beefy large steel shaft extending down to the bilge where there's a very large cog mechanism with a rack and pinion on either side attached to hydraulic pistons. It appears that the system is intended to slow down the motion of the boom and by all appearances the engineering is robust and it look
  9. @Tylo Thanks for sharing that. I’ve never heard of such a device but it seems to be sensible, simple and safer than many preventer setups. Accidental gybes account for a great many MOBs and serious injuries. Has anyone seen a device like this?
  10. Jimmy Buffet does have a 7X, he used to have a 900. I've been in recurrent training with one of his pilots.  He flies himself but it takes 2.

  11. Falcon 8X Think Jimmy Buffet has the 7X. He sails that deck salon surfsri 50
  12. Either of these birds would do nicely... Suppose these should be considered Forward Cockpit.
  13. Look like a Falcon 900. Recent vintage. That and the 7X are great rides.
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