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  1. Surfing can take place underwater just ask all the dolphins and seals out there. There does not have to be a gravity component. If you have ever bodysurfed and done an underwater takeoff, you know what I'm saying.
  2. Interesting observation and I would have to concur. Football and male basketball players that end up making the HUGE $$$ view college as their stepping stone. Most don't get anywhere close to a degree. They'll never donate.
  3. To most of the smart asses on this thread...lighten up Francis. To the OP. my guess is to do an over haul and make sure there's no gunk mucking up the works
  4. While this story has nothing to do with the actual sailing, it's a story about assholes that seem to exist on our planet. We had just finished a Cleveland Deepwater to Put-In-Bay. We're pulling into the public docks trying to find a place to raft. The inner boats are all huge power boats and none of them are letting the sail boats raft up. Nothing but a huge shouting match. It's about 2AM so we're thinking about heading out and dropping an anchor. We see an open mooring ball labeled "Police Use Only". Since we knew we were going to crash on the boat. We tied up.
  5. RATM


    You're not wrong....the 87 Cup was the best AC regatta ever. Next would be any of the IACC events.
  6. Let me guess, your boat's rating is derived from the rating given to other boats that measure in to your boat's class rules. The problem is that you don't hold a current certificate from the class and someone thinks your boat is so far out of class spec that you owe "another 3 - 9 seconds" Just go measure your boat in.
  7. The owner(s) have their reasons none of which were "Plan A" I'm sure money was involved...either too much or too little
  8. Many happy summer vacations on Wrightsville starting in the 1974. I remember going to Newell's and being amazed with the wide variety of clothes and beach gear that featured the Stars and Bars. Mom and Dad would not let us buy any of it. Wings stopped stocking that stuff years ago. If you stray off Rt.77 or 40, you can still find that stuff being sold.
  9. I have family in Winston-Salem, Charlotte and Wilmington NC. I will second your statement. If you're looking to migrate south to get out of the snow, be careful what you wish for
  10. Interesting approach that will ultimately get you nowhere. If you hate the sin but love the sinner, the sin will never go away. Love the sinner by helping them to change.
  11. My oldest grandson knows my wishes..... In the water and no bagpipes
  12. As a last resort, your bowman may need to shimmy out to the end of the pole. A good bowman will have his or her own harness
  13. Whoever the original poster is, they might just be taking a cute little passive-aggressive dig at the Melges 40.
  14. Don't worry... the original poster won't be in the EU for much longer
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