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  1. Manta 42 is as big as I've sailed, but never in tall waves. I hear the cats float just as well upside down as they do right side up. Guess you've never sailed on a cat.
  2. Whoohoooo, nothing but bare poles and a drogue in the water....I'd be scared shitless in a cat out there.
  3. Very disturbed and completely weirded out.....I have a facebook account (or at least the shell of one)...incomplete profile and all...one friend, my brother who does not sail, and a couple stoopid group memberships so I can read member spam. Of course it suggests friends to me all the time (friends of my one friend, neighbors, community members, and other local bs)... It thought I might want to be friends with my wife the other day.....guess it noticed we had the same IP. Today it suggests that I may want to be friends with Rimas....WTF...how do it know? Creepy...
  4. Maybe he found his motor under the mashed potatos...
  5. Rimas 404! 404 is the web server response for "not found", let's hope that is not ominous !
  6. Gotta put that one in the obscure trivia section of my brain....never know when I'll need it again.
  7. Wow, that's nice! I've been thinking about adding one of those to replace the LP turd we have.
  8. Both islands require entry to the lagoon through narrow inlets on the west side. Will be interesting to see him sail in.....
  9. More like 295.90..... Well yeah, ordinarily I'd say fuck him... but seriously, I think he's mentally ill. Shame to let him die because hes sick. It sounds like he might run out of food before he clears the doldrums, still in range of a cutter or fishing boat. Wait him out a week, pick him up, sink the boat, and bring him ashore. Just make sure he doesn't get another boat. The people enabling him were well-meaning, but that just meant he got farther offshore before getting into trouble. A stop should have been put to his adventuring when he wrecked previous boat in Alaska, and had to get
  10. No more rats....we poisoned the island: http://ens-newswire.com/2013/01/31/pacific-atoll-rat-free-for-the-first-time-since-wwii/ Just ask King Rat...
  11. Kiritimati is right near it, just south....looks like a much nicer stop. Although google maps does show some nice structures on Palmyra.
  12. Somebody better warn Tiki, Tuvalu may be in his drift path.
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