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  1. Lynch

    Reasons to lose a protest

    You cannot expect to win a protest (which by it's nature alleges that someone else broke a rule) if you do not comply with the rules regarding making a protest. I would not regard myself as an expert but the first steps in a hearing should always include: 1) Conflict of interest or objections to the committee personnel (I once informed a protestee that my son was the protestor but we were very tight for committee members, he accepted the situation but my son objected! i withdrew to the bar greatly relieved.) 2) The committee then considers validity in private, considerations include the time limit, flying a flag, hailing protest, timely informing of the protestee (which must be at the first reasonable opportunity), capacity to protest and an allegation of breaking a rule. All of these must be satisfied. However the committee may waive some requirements but must justify such a waiver. 3) Hearing proceeds or is tossed. In my experience most committees do their best to abide by the rules both for holding a hearing and adjudicating on the evidence presented. Some witnesses provide great amusement to the committee, for example at on Oppy event one sailor in the regatta fleet sought redress as she claimed the RO had made an error in her finishing position. She duly produced a witness who told us that protestor had finished in 5th place and she knew this because her friend had told her so before the hearing.
  2. Lynch

    What is considered running a "Good Program"?

    Like the girls we just wanna have fun! We spell it 'win' though
  3. Lynch

    head like a hole

    At 5:40 do I hear something about a runner from the on board comms? These guys seem to confirm that the Tack bear away was a poor decision and that the runner was then the cause of the capsize
  4. Lynch

    head like a hole

    Look at Luna Rossa on the way downwind. Their leeward runner is way eased and flapping. it's either a design flaw or a fuck up on American magic
  5. Lynch

    head like a hole

    I don't buy that stuff about Olympic sailors being better at handling the pressure than others. Hutchinson, Barker and Goodison are all internationally recognised sailors. They should be able to deal with a rapidly evolving situation although at 40 knots you don't get much time. Just watched TH in press conference and he was very good and dealt with all of the easy questions he was asked. But... he's 52 so what is he doing as a grinder when his real skill is as a sailor/tactician/leader? I wonder if the afterguard on AM will change in the next race they get to sail?
  6. Lynch

    head like a hole

    The batteries or whatever was after the event. We can clearly hear Goodison say it's a high risk move but Hutchinson doesn't comment and they go for it. The runner is still tight and once they bear away there is no way to avoid a capsize in those conditions. Doesn't look like damage which can be patched up quickly so maybe they'll aim for the repechage rather than try and get back too early.
  7. Lynch

    what say you?

    This is the second time around for this crash, as I recall it made the front page a few months ago Is the ed checking on our recall or has his failed?
  8. Lynch

    Yet another Bene 'This or That'

    I've just bought a 34.7 (10R) My wife thinks it's palatial compared to our last boat - a mid eighties 33 footer Haven't sailed it yet mind you but with an autopilot and furling Jib it looks a doddle to short hand
  9. Lynch

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    There are simple and durable solutions to all of the remaining problems but unfortunately the Tories have painted themselves into a corner from which there appears to be no escape and from where easy answers are unacceptable. As I understand it the deal is 98 - 99% agreed but BJ cannot accept the remaining issues without losing the support of many of his MPs. He has already shafted the DUP. The upshot will probably be ruinous for the UK and not much better for Ireland. I just cant see any good outcomes from the current position
  10. Lynch

    Favourite Boat pic?

    A monkey with a bone!
  11. That's a ketch unless the rudder post is part of the keel. A yawl has its mizzen behind the rudder post and vice versa for a ketch Any update on why they abandoned ship. I guess the guys on the vendee would have dismissed conditions as being bracing!
  12. Lynch

    J105 IRC

    Inshore and offshore fully crewed but might do some double handed when crew not all available, Any thoughts on code zero especially for offshore work
  13. Lynch

    J105 IRC

    Think I'll be going with a 105 for next boat Any advice on what works best for IRC - headsail size spinnaker etc
  14. Lynch

    Help with TCF improvement Beneteau 31.7

    Very difficult boat to sail to its rating unless its very windy.
  15. Lynch

    they both suck?

    Looks like 3695 approached on starboard and has broached 3496 on port is about to broach who's overtaking? Loss of control not an excuse when you break a rule so more info needed