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  1. Hope you made major moolah from the deal, you can tell us if you like! Hope you’ve sold it to an equally cantankerous and abrasive individual (that’s a compliment by the way) if it’s a corporate deal we can kiss it goodbye because there’ll always be counsel saying you can’t publish that article or photo. Enjoy the boat
  2. Hate to bring this up again but.. January 22 edition of Seahorse (RORC magazine) has two columnists expressing 'concern' about what happened. Effectively this is telling the OA/Jury/RMYC etc that they made a balls of it. It's still not too late for them to do the right thing but I doubt we will see any change unless the CAS is involved
  3. No need for a furler at that size. Don’t try a leeward drop in any breeze more than 8 - 10 knots your go to technique when short handed is to bear away and do a letterbox (over the boom) drop. Only disadvantage is that you will have to bag the kite and rerun the lines but it will come down safely and without problems every time
  4. Shanghai is spot on. The intentions of the OA are irrelevant, what matters are the RRS and the SIs. Their intention is not reflected in the SIs. I’d suggest they should have worded them as follows 1) The OA may declare the alternative finish line to be in use at any time before the last boat finishes the race(changes RRS 32). 2) When the alternative line is in use then each boat’s results shall be calculated using the time she crosses this line as her finish time. 3) When the alternative line is used then the last mark of the original course is omitted. 4) The decision to
  5. I'm unlikely to be an IJ but I have been able to read since I was three (long time ago) The IJ clearly got this wrong - the SIs, which I had never looked at before, were badly written and clearly in conflict with RRS 32. Writing SIs for any event is a painstaking task which should not be undertaken lightly. It's not something you can knock off in half an hour. I guess that RMYC never asked an IJ to review their SIs as surely they would have picked up the potential for trouble with 11.2 Equally the RRS are quite specific about the meaning of rules as being what they say, thus you cannot s
  6. Surely 64.3 applies or should have been applied by the jury. A request for redress which might result in abandonment gives the committee the option of making an adjustment in the interest of fairness to all competitors. The only other comment is that if I was Commanche I’d have retired rather than accept the poisoned chalice!
  7. This is the most egregious decision by an OA and Jury in a long time. 32.2 clearly states that the course must be shortened before the first boat finishes. The corollary must be that the course cannot be shortened after one boat has finished. The SIs make no mention of a change to this rule. There may have been a race which finished at the shortened line but it was not the Middle Sea Race. Sunrise and her crew have been royally screwed by this decision. The OA and the jury should hang their heads in shame for such an appalling decision.
  8. On the water and in your boat!
  9. Holy shit Does anyone want it? An extension means that there are no credible bids as yet. I'll offer €50 to bring it to our club Pm me Dalts for full details!
  10. Agreed but most of us are sailing less than 1.3 J and might benefit from a 'proper ' sail!
  11. You might be able to remove the furling drum but leave the rest of the foil up and use it like a tuffluff or carbofoil. ive just done it with a Harken Mk IV unit. You would use headsails with a bolt rope rather than hanks but there is little difference in performance. However the hanks might damage or snag your kite if doing a windward drop. A furling sail will always be less efficient than a proper jib with horizontal battens. If you are racing in IRC your rating will probably go up slightly but for me it was worth doing.
  12. Cork Harbour is in the People’s Republic of Cork which is an entirely different state (of mind) to the rest of the country! As much as I would love to see the AC come to Cork I’d have to ask why is NZ not holding on to it if it’s such a money spinner for the local economy.
  13. You dont need any fancy fish scale Tie a heavy weight ( I use a 12kg kettlebell) to a halyard exiting at the hounds - usually the jib halyard but might be a spinnaker halyard if its just above forestay. Make sure the mast is central in the boat before doing anything else. Also check speed with a gps not your log and try doing it in flat water with no tide
  14. Great idea Ill do it asap
  15. Just bought a 34.7 with standard rudder FL as per IRC cert is 13.4m Have only had her out three times so am looking forward to lots of tuning - at least the mast is centred and she seems to go upwind pretty well. Instruments not working yet so cant be more exact than that!
  16. You cannot expect to win a protest (which by it's nature alleges that someone else broke a rule) if you do not comply with the rules regarding making a protest. I would not regard myself as an expert but the first steps in a hearing should always include: 1) Conflict of interest or objections to the committee personnel (I once informed a protestee that my son was the protestor but we were very tight for committee members, he accepted the situation but my son objected! i withdrew to the bar greatly relieved.) 2) The committee then considers validity in private, considerations inc
  17. Like the girls we just wanna have fun! We spell it 'win' though
  18. At 5:40 do I hear something about a runner from the on board comms? These guys seem to confirm that the Tack bear away was a poor decision and that the runner was then the cause of the capsize
  19. Look at Luna Rossa on the way downwind. Their leeward runner is way eased and flapping. it's either a design flaw or a fuck up on American magic
  20. I don't buy that stuff about Olympic sailors being better at handling the pressure than others. Hutchinson, Barker and Goodison are all internationally recognised sailors. They should be able to deal with a rapidly evolving situation although at 40 knots you don't get much time. Just watched TH in press conference and he was very good and dealt with all of the easy questions he was asked. But... he's 52 so what is he doing as a grinder when his real skill is as a sailor/tactician/leader? I wonder if the afterguard on AM will change in the next race they get to sail?
  21. The batteries or whatever was after the event. We can clearly hear Goodison say it's a high risk move but Hutchinson doesn't comment and they go for it. The runner is still tight and once they bear away there is no way to avoid a capsize in those conditions. Doesn't look like damage which can be patched up quickly so maybe they'll aim for the repechage rather than try and get back too early.
  22. This is the second time around for this crash, as I recall it made the front page a few months ago Is the ed checking on our recall or has his failed?
  23. I've just bought a 34.7 (10R) My wife thinks it's palatial compared to our last boat - a mid eighties 33 footer Haven't sailed it yet mind you but with an autopilot and furling Jib it looks a doddle to short hand
  24. There are simple and durable solutions to all of the remaining problems but unfortunately the Tories have painted themselves into a corner from which there appears to be no escape and from where easy answers are unacceptable. As I understand it the deal is 98 - 99% agreed but BJ cannot accept the remaining issues without losing the support of many of his MPs. He has already shafted the DUP. The upshot will probably be ruinous for the UK and not much better for Ireland. I just cant see any good outcomes from the current position
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