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  1. So how long before all the industry insiders and bloodsucking pros get there hands into the 2 handed owners pockets and fuck it for everyone?
  2. Yep, not ideal and you need to somehow keep the thing from being drenched. Occasional use only
  3. The only way I see electric makes sense is if you do maybe one or two ocean races a year, in which case you carry a portable generator and a shit load of petrol. The constant torque curve is good for pushing into adverse conditions though
  4. In just about all these bar crossings gone wrong, when the boat gets thrown over the motor(s) stop. Kind of explains lying side on for so long.
  5. Thanks everyone, it looks like Sunbrella Furniture Fabric is the go. but why open cell foam, would not a low density closed cell foam be a better option?
  6. I need to replace the bunk and cushion covers on a racer cruiser. Any suggestions on a material (other than vinyl or leather), which is waterproof so that the foam doesn't absorb water from crew in wet weather gear, sails etc. Preferably want something comfortable for cruising, deliveries etc.
  7. Sure take one of the best yachts of the last 30 years and chop it up. I can guess how that worked out for them
  8. Seems rule 69 is all the rage in QLD at the moment. Another lodged at Southport so I hear
  9. I wonder whether some of these UFO's are a face saving exercise for the teams, rather than admit that the design/ build was compromised or boat pushed beyond limits
  10. Nah just repeatedly cut to stock footage of Oats from past years, plus have MR commentating
  11. Make sure you have it hanging over the bow at all times ready to deploy, seems to clear out those pesky people calling starboard all the time.
  12. From what I have seen the top TP's all run foils, but do bare head drops on jibs to save wt and drag of multi halyards/locks etc and crew time on the bow. At least one TP runs or did run an oversized foil to take advantage of un rated sail area.
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