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  1. I was thinking I might be able to pick up a cheap cheater boat for a teak gentleman's sailor conversion
  2. Thanks everyone, it looks like Sunbrella Furniture Fabric is the go. but why open cell foam, would not a low density closed cell foam be a better option?
  3. I need to replace the bunk and cushion covers on a racer cruiser. Any suggestions on a material (other than vinyl or leather), which is waterproof so that the foam doesn't absorb water from crew in wet weather gear, sails etc. Preferably want something comfortable for cruising, deliveries etc.
  4. Sure take one of the best yachts of the last 30 years and chop it up. I can guess how that worked out for them
  5. Seems rule 69 is all the rage in QLD at the moment. Another lodged at Southport so I hear
  6. All very predictable, after a lot of insults, legal threats and small dick posturing, the existing M11 boats will be grandfathered and will remain in high demand for years to come, think Bashford.
  7. I wonder whether some of these UFO's are a face saving exercise for the teams, rather than admit that the design/ build was compromised or boat pushed beyond limits
  8. Nah just repeatedly cut to stock footage of Oats from past years, plus have MR commentating
  9. Make sure you have it hanging over the bow at all times ready to deploy, seems to clear out those pesky people calling starboard all the time.
  10. From what I have seen the top TP's all run foils, but do bare head drops on jibs to save wt and drag of multi halyards/locks etc and crew time on the bow. At least one TP runs or did run an oversized foil to take advantage of un rated sail area.
  11. Surely the military can come up with something more expensive than an aircraft carrier that they must have. Flying/space/interstellar/submersible aircraft carrier?
  12. And just to complicate matters, the foil is unmeasured sail area
  13. Maybe you can find another F22 owner with the race rig, who just wants to cruise and would be happy to swap
  14. Nice, what was the tri that just beat you over the line?
  15. I would go Bull over any comparable 30, just a standout design. We won the short handed association point score convincingly in Raging bull. A couple of Super 30 national titles against F30's and MtGays etc and were very competitive on IRC including first IRC at hammo in a 30 boat fleet.
  16. Had a guy at work loose the tips of a few fingers and some nerve damage when a 9" angle grinder when rouge. All the boys thought he was a lucky bastard, not only did he get a payout, but now when he has a wank it feels like someone else is doing it.
  17. Blue water series entries just opened, S2H is listed, seems like CYCA intends that it goes ahead
  18. As an ex member who misspent his youth sailing sharpies at RQ, I find this endlessly entertaining. I can't wait for the movie
  19. That's enough talking about me, lets talk about me
  20. Since when you couldn't get them out of the berth except at high tide
  21. I think it has already been done. I'm off to see my lawyer.
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