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  1. I need to replace the bunk and cushion covers on a racer cruiser. Any suggestions on a material (other than vinyl or leather), which is waterproof so that the foam doesn't absorb water from crew in wet weather gear, sails etc. Preferably want something comfortable for cruising, deliveries etc. 

  2. On 2/17/2021 at 1:59 PM, Jono said:

    We/re in lockdown so perusing the sites.

    I see Nips was on offer but showing as llisted again. Beachball still for sale. Avalanche looks best. IRC of 1.15 seems low. But looking at the photos it might be detuned for sail area? Of the Sydney 38s  has 1 gone.? - I can never pronounce it's name

    What is Avalanche?

  3. 1 minute ago, ASP said:

    I think boat/sail size is the critical component here..you're seeing them use hank on J1's on maxis like Comanche, Oats(smaller sails are furling). I would be curious to see how many of the offshore focused 40-50 footers are running hanks instead of a foil...my guess is the answer is very few. Are there any offshore 52s running hanked jibs in AUS?





    From what I have seen the top TP's all run foils, but do bare head drops on jibs to save wt and drag of multi halyards/locks etc and crew time on the bow. At least one TP runs or did run an oversized foil to take advantage of un rated sail area. 

  4. 33 minutes ago, WetnWild said:

    I don’t like the boomless main. This is the cruising rig mast and the original sailplan was hopeless from a performance perspective. The main wasn’t powerful enough having quite a small head and the foot length wrong to match the designed traveller position. Without a boom the clew to traveller angle has to be exactly right so that the foot and leech tension are balanced. Just like getting the sheeting angle of a screecher right. A boom solves all those problems. 
    The standard Cruising rig jib is too small to pull the boat through chop in anything below 15 knots. I went from the 9.9sqm furled jib to a hanked  fully battened 13.1sqm jib and it transformed the boat. I couldn’t get the extra area with luff length because of the shorter cruising mast so had to increase the foot length and overlap significantly. It works well except for the occasional hook up on the spreaders in quick tacks. Good crew work and awareness solve the problem. 
    Ideally I would have the R rig with a carbon mast and a boom. What I’ve been able to do with work arounds though has resulted in a pretty nice rig and a very fun boat to race. 

    Maybe you can find another F22 owner with the race rig, who just wants to cruise and would be happy to swap

  5. I would go Bull over any comparable 30, just a standout design. We won the short handed association point score convincingly in Raging bull. A couple of Super 30 national titles against F30's and MtGays etc and were very competitive on IRC including first IRC at hammo in a 30 boat fleet. 

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  6. 4 hours ago, JimBowie said:

    Nah. Ask any Nacra 17 sailor.  No issue with foils what so ever.  Just need to sharpen the edges so it don't hurt.

    hand .jpg

    Had a guy at work loose the tips of a few fingers and some nerve damage when a 9" angle grinder when rouge. All the boys thought he was a lucky bastard, not only did he get a payout, but now when he has a wank it feels like someone else is doing it. 

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