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  1. Thought I would abbreviate it for you
  2. So I hear that industry figures are pressuring CYCA to delay cancelling S2H so that owners have to spend the money to prepare their boats, whether it happens or not. Really no surprise
  3. Don't forget that it will cost the insurance company a significant amount to dump the hull if is not commercially viable to fix.
  4. I am guessing the cost of setting up a whole new brand is many times greater than building existing models under license. Many have tried, few succeed. The GTS boats didn't take off.
  5. Good luck to them, I hope they succeed, we need more construction in AUS. Good timing, I think, short handed racing is on a role, would be good to have fleets like they do in NZ.
  6. That is/was my Ker40, in reality the GP42's struggle to beat us over the line. the performance curve is very similar to a TP52.
  7. No one should ever make a race where you have to sail past your home port
  8. What's the betting on the sunfish being safe this year?
  9. I lost mine once when I fell off in a foiling gybe. There was no way I was going to catch it. Luckily I was rescued before it hit the rocks. For awhile I tried towing a rope behind the boat that I could grab if I lost hold. was ok in strong winds, but drag made it harder to get up on foils in light conditions. I ended up carrying a VHF in my vest
  10. On the basis that you can never own to many A's I might just book a spot in the queue
  11. Must have been the night for AGM's. The presumptive RPA commodore got rolled by a cruising/ conservative/ old guard faction last night. Apathy and self entitlement win again
  12. Do you think that there is any chance that big Kev and Wal are among the commercial tenants enjoying rent relief for corporate owned gin palaces along with their free memberships?
  13. And a B40 is an aircraft carrier compared to a MC38
  14. Sail numbers are licensed by the state associations. You can keep your sail number if you pay a fee
  15. Against my better instincts I bought a 5knt shitter for restoration. After taking off 20 layers of antifoul I found large chunks of gelcoat had come off under the waterline. What do you think if I fill with polyester bog and paint with epoxy will this hold up if I put back on a mooring?
  16. So what's the go with AS fees now. Being a member of three clubs am I getting fucked over or can I get a deduction for two of them?
  17. There is no presumption of guilt for breaking this or any other rule (other than presumption in 18.2). If protested would come down to a finding of fact based on the evidence provided to the tribunal. But not really an issue. the control lines could easily be tied off for classic regattas to head of the "he beat me therefor must be cheating" Muppets.
  18. Simon I don't see adjustable rudder rake to be an issue for a convertible. the rule is that rudder rake adjustment is not allowed whilst racing, not that "rudders must not be capable of adjustment" Simple you can have it, just can't adjust during race. 4. Rudder rake adjustment whilst racing is not allowed.
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