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  1. I have two A's a 2018 and 2016 AD3. The 2016 has the foils at 600mm back (400 on 2018), it is set up as a convertible, foils great both upwind and down and you need to be a better sailor than me to pick the difference the foil position makes foiling, though it is better balanced when non foiling upwind. I think it is perfectly possible to have an A which is competitive in both modes.
  2. If your criteria for mandating safety equipment be carried is that it is a good idea or you can come up with scenarios where it is beneficial we wouldn't be able get off the dock. We now carry yellow brick trackers so everyone knows where we are, our speed and heading you can even send a message on them, we have epirbs, PLB's AIS, DSC equipped VHF, personal AIS and sat phones, despite its broadcast ability, I think we are now well and truly covered without HF.
  3. Every time AS want to add further cost to my sailing in the name of keeping me safer, it should be a mandatory part of the process that they identify some other requirement(s) whichare made superfluous by the new requirement. If they cant do this, then the new equipment can't be of much benefit can it?
  4. I suspect that those with authoritarian and bureaucratic tendencies being the same the world over, they ignore them the same as AS does as they bask in the glory of their Olympic medal count.
  5. Nothing a few sheets of exterior ply from Home Depot can't fix. What can possibly go wrong? I always wondered where Hot Rod ended up.
  6. And name reads the same on the remote chance you flip it
  7. I like that you can push it off if you fall asleep and run aground or don't zoom in on the plotter. Great design feature
  8. Shipping a 40ft container not that much more than a 20ft, the majority of the costs are handling and port fees which are not much different
  9. Hopefully we will find out for ourselves (next year).
  10. I have a winch set up at home to set all my splices and pre stretch dyneema. I would stick to wire for most rigs. taking longevity into account I cant see any significant savings
  11. It was for this reason that I vowed never to do another IRC nationals after the one at CYCA.
  12. How does plywood construction stack up against say glass over cedar strip plank for build cost?
  13. Frankly I can think of many much more deserving causes at the moment than the most deserving sailing beneficiary
  14. I think IRC deliberately treats light wt differently above about 45ft. Kind of makes sense, protect the exiting herd of cruiser races in their divisions, few of which are over 45ft, but suck up to the big budget programs who would go elsewhere if they did not have an advantage. Its all about prestige.
  15. QCYC were talking tough only a few days ago, but with everyone else pulling the pin on events it was inevitable they would have to fold. I am told that Coffs will be next to go, a number of high profile entrants have already told the organisers they are pulling out.
  16. Don't worry you will be give a fair hearing before we find you guilty and execute you
  17. Seems legit to me, knowledge of both is all in everyone here's imagination
  18. I guess I could put up some photos of the cracks in the hull around the keel, but I'd rather see photos of Elle.
  19. they certainly have been making it hard to get racing insurance. Maybe figured they only want to insure cruisers that only leave the mooring once a year.
  20. I fit the same profile. Because we predominantly do ocean races, all of my regular crew are members of a club. Forking out so much to go sailing, I don't have an issue with casual crew and a large portion of regular crew who are not members of a sailing club paying their small part of AS costs. My issue is that just like Kerry Packer quote below, I see no benefit flowing to me from spending my time collecting this sailing tax for AS. I pay whatever tax I am required to pay under the law, not a penny more, not a penny less... if anybody in this country doesn't minimize their tax they
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