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  1. Jason revised keel parameters are noted up thread. By all means if our designers got it wrong and imposed greater loads on the hull structure I am interested to know. But otherwise until the hull washes up on a beach somewhere it's a pointless discussion. in the meantime I'm shopping for a new or newish offshore yacht in the 40 to 46 ft range. Got any recommendations? Now that's an idea for a new thread.
  2. Glad you approve of the Socket joint. This is exactly what Andy designed for Showtime. Your earlier uninformed comments make you look like a right twat now don't they?
  3. As some here know I am one of the owners of Showtime and do all the offshore races in it. Just to throw a few facts into the uninformed opinion. The keel was designed by Andy Dovell, to a similar design he has used for many other yachts. The design and the fabrication plan were then certified by DNV-GL. The builder then signed off on the fabrication report and provided 100% NDT for certification. All of this was required to obtain the ISAF certificate you need to be able to race offshore these days. Not exactly a half assed exercise. The new keel design has reduced bulb weight
  4. Well Jason old chap, interesting to see you ducking for cover. But since the initial indications from the crew is that the failure commenced in the keel beam/ring frame connection, I'm guessing that you had a hand in the design of this component?
  5. There is a good reason these things are so cheap to buy. Few can afford the running costs or find the crew needed to run one with out blowing up sails each race. To put it in perspective the new owner of a high end TP has spent over $1m in setting up for offshore, repairs, sails and running costs in season one.
  6. Sounds like we need to fly in a few international judges and senior council to sort this out
  7. Because 3.18.4 references 3.18.2 and 3.18.3 (an addition to that requirement) which require water to be carried at start, when read as a whole, I interpret the emergency drinking water to only be required at the start. But who knows how an auditor would interpret it.
  8. I resemble that comment. Got an awakening to the difference in attitudes to sponsorship between USA and AUS at the NYYC Invitational Cup a few years ago. We fully self funded our low budget team with no support from club members. Meanwhile one of the US club teams with a budget about 3 times ours were bitching that if they couldn't get another club member to cough up, they might have to actually put their hands in their pockets for a few hundred $ each.
  9. I feel strangely let down by Hot Rod, I was convinced that the FH was his vison of a floating dungeon equipped trailer, that would slowly rot on various more and more backwater moorings as he got moved on. That he took it to sea and it died without video evidence was extremely disappointing.
  10. But will it be fixed in time for the S2H?
  11. I have a Wildcat and race occasionally with other F18 designs. In up to 12 to 15 it is very competitive, but would benefit with a new generation deck sweeper and non hobie kite. lack of rocker and fine bows mean you can't push as hard downwind and is harder to keep in the groove. But you should still be in the pack.
  12. Big budget programs usually fail for one or both of the following. 1. the owner does not get the results and recognition which he demands (and in his mind deserves) for all that money spent 2. he gets sick of the crew and associated hangers on having their hands in his pocket all the time, all the while bagging him out for his poor sailing ability.
  13. Simulations are great and all, but it does appear that the mule has given AM a head start in stability and manoeuvrability. Whether that amounts to anything in the long run remains to be seen.
  14. If you're not from the CYCA you can bet on getting inspected every time. I doubt that too many, if any of the top level boats cheat on fuel and water requirements, its just not worth it.
  15. Awesome 13 months discussing Maxies then bitching about the tv coverage only following the maxies.
  16. Hope they transition to T's on rudder soon. Supposedly the current situation leads to some pretty ugly motions due to lack of pitch stability.
  17. We saw mid 30's briefly while we were rounding Flinders before it started easing away to nothing as the North south westerly came in for a bit. Seas weren't big but were fairly short and sharp, would have been challenging on a fast multi. Glad everyone is OK. flinders_2019_compressed.mp4
  18. My experience has been that it is extremely rare to get a fair result when asking for redress against the actions of a race committee when heard by a committee appointed by that same club. Not impossible, but probably not worth the effort.
  19. I only get about 94% charge capacity in my Li batteries when charged by the Yanmar as compared with a Li specific charger. Still gives me significantly more capacity than the old Lead acid.
  20. Looking to add a better 4G set up. currently just a portable Telstra 4G modem with high gain antenna. Any recommendations? Anyone use Glomex Webboat 4G. only issue I can see is doesn't work at 700Mhz which may be an issue in some places
  21. Rawhide


    Still waiting. Email i got recently implied shipping had started but dosent actually say so directly.
  22. This thread will never die it will rise like a zombie each year. I expect we will have more fodder come Southport when CYCA revise the AIS requirements. New wording which might actually be enforceable. No doubt we will have to prove operating and being received as a race entry condition.
  23. Interesting to see the CYCA raising the issue of accommodating foiling mono's in future to races to ensure the race is at the forefront of development. Does make you wonder whether they have ever heard of multihulls?
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