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  1. I doubt the T's would come off if kicked up. They tend to rotate up until they are skimming the surface, yes a bit of load in the transition, but not foil breaking. And if you do lose a T your back to where things are now on that tack. Given the ingenuity of these guys I would not be surprised if they can change one out when doing 30 knots all without a harness on.
  2. Given how close to full foiling they are now, the time has come to allow T's on the rudders. If nothing else it will certainly provide pitch stability and ease the slamming and speed variations.
  3. Raced it in a HCW a few years ago in a M32, took time out of it every down wind, faster upwind as you might imagine. They did a Super 40 regatta with us a few months ago, cant recall seeing it on the course from the ker 40
  4. Slower than a Melges 32 downwind, was a bargain last time it was sold
  5. Special regs in Aus require bottles to be under (I think) 230grams and spare bottles to be stored outside. big risk is letting the gas go out and then re lighting. Under anything but a drifter when the gas is unlikely to blow out, I am guessing that most race boats would be well ventilated enough that the gas would dissipate fairly quickly.
  6. At least you wont have as much trouble with assholes trying to barge on the start line
  7. These are now available, anyone got any intel on actual performance? Pricey, worth the cost?
  8. Looks like would make a good day sailor if you cut all that crap off.
  9. So is there anything preventing a non "competitor" building a boat or three and then trial against a competitor and transfer their IP?
  10. I don't have an issue with stored energy being used for more than just foil control. I was lucky enough to get a tour though an AC base when in BER, was interesting that one of the 50's was almost fully electric with plug in battery packs which gave them about 2 hours sailing each so they could train and test foils etc all day. Without the batteries apparently they were limited to about 1.5 hours sailing before the energy stored in the grinders ran out.
  11. Maybe all the crew can sit in padded fox holes, that way they are only exposed during tacking or gybing when crossing the boat, if that even needs to happen? Or harnesses with inertia reels attached to the back of the boat.
  12. Can not tell at all from that replay whether C had to alter course before WOXI completed its tack. Telephoto shot from behind no help either
  13. If it is going to be other than some half assed partial foiling shitter, I would expect much like a very large moth, with cyclists powering gyroscopes for stability.
  14. replace the skeg rudder with a spade move forstay up to side stay position and add bigger jib Add jib inhauls bow fractional zero Not much point doing any more.
  15. It's not the wine its the glory.
  16. PHS is just a way to spread the cheap wine around. We tried something along the lines of golf handicaps at one point. each boat got a crew rating of +/- 3% on boat rating. even then the same small group won most races and the bulk of the fleet got pissed off. It continues to amaze me how serious people get about winning a $4 bottle of wine based on a handicap which means nothing.
  17. AMS is in competition with the systems Australian sailing gouge owners for, not likely to be run in conjunction.
  18. Never thought about it before, but I had assumed warships transmitted AIS during peace time. One of the options on mine is to tick aircraft carrier rather than yacht for type of vessel, I have thought this would provide a certain degree of comfort when at sea. I wonder how much container ship crews have come to rely on AIS now such that the lookout if any would be pretty perfunctory.
  19. Nice clean lines for a IOR boat, would no doubt make IRC burglars if optimised
  20. I'm not much of a fan of IOR, but they have nice lines. Still around?
  21. Not to mention the cost of a professional maintenance program and all the other hangers on who want to get paid.
  22. Well if the ASC is run as poorly as the last one at the CYC with only 7 boats in div 1 and not many more in div 2, Geelong don't have much t worry about.
  23. My recollection is hazy but that sounds credible...I recall hearing it was Marshall Phillips who got banned, he was the Sweet Caroline owner wasn't he? Not sure how Big schott fitted in - was it renamed Sweet Caroline at some point? I also vaguely recall it may have reverted to Big Schott under a later owner. I guess all these old IOR clunkers are sitting around on moorings and marinas now. Dick the memory cells are rooted but pretty sure Marshall Phillips was the owner when it was named Sweet Caroline. The ban was against three or four owners he sold the boat to, a couple who were docto
  24. Size does matter no matter what the question
  25. A book well worth the read is Sigh for a Merlin by Alex Henshaw the chief test pilot for the Spitfire, it charts is development from a light and nimble timber and canvas sport plane to an armored super charged beast. Just incredible the production rate for these things, particularly given the factory was almost too big to miss and each night they would pick up the body parts, fill in the holes and keep going.
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