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  1. It's not cheating, nor faking. It's called match racing. Ok this was a 3 boat race but Australia has got away, leaving 2 boats to duke it out. Taking unnecessary avoiding action and pushing the penalty button is part of the game. This one was a bit soft, but it doesn't change the fact that it's better to protest than to risk contact to prove you were not given room. In this case i think Japan were not sailing to the mark, so took a bit too much room, but the penalty may already have been given by then?
  2. I'm not saying they did. I'm just looking for what the actual rule is and this what the French have to prove. No joy finding it so far.
  3. Anybody know what the actual rule against team racing is in the 470s? It was a bit drop for GB to call from 2nd to behind Poland.... but then shit happens and they had Gold in the bag...
  4. The penalty given to Japan at the start of race 5 was a bit strange to me. Japan was windward of Australia and had to keep clear. Ahead of them was Denmark going slowly, but as both Australia and Japan were clear astern of her, they both had to keep clear and thus Denmark was an obstruction to them both. Australia was sailing to go below Denmark, so surely they were obliged to give Japan room to do the same? As it turned out, Denmark started moving and Australia slowed, so they didn't pass to windward of them until a bit later (when Denmark was forced to go around). So if Aust
  5. You can say that about almost any penalty in these boats. Fundamentally reaching starts are ridiculous because they setup situations like this. Any boat that does perfect time and distance can be taken out by an early boat sailing the line. What next? Any boat trying a port pin end start in a big fleet will get DSQ'd?
  6. I've tried really hard to follow sailGP but it's impossible: Nothing live on YouTube or any streaming platform i can see ; the app is soooooo slow and unusable ; live audio but you can't see the main video feed ; lots of boat cameras but they have no audio; the umpire view has audio but it's nearly unwatchable as they move it around too much. then the next day the app doesn't have the score board and only a short article with the results summary. There is no video of the black flag event available. Guess i have to wait an unspecified time for something on YouTube or maybe i just give
  7. The problem with the AC is that it is normally so out there, that the bat shit crazy April fools posts I'm seeing everywhere for it, all sound plausible!
  8. Moths are an adult class. It's not like they crashed an Opti regatta. Are you saying that professional sailors like Nathan, Checco, Tom Slingsby etc cannot sail in the Moth class? Mattias has sailed excellently to get on the podium as a 16yo in a class that attracts the best sailors in the world. I think we should celebrate that rather than saying he should be awarded first place because the other two were too good.
  9. RC and his son came over to my little club in Sydney a couple of years ago for the Bic nationals. RC has lots of time to share with the juniors, gave some talks and it was a fabulous event. I can't recall how Mattias went, I assume well, but win or lose it was fabulous to have that connection from elite sailing all the way down to junior club racing.
  10. They're not Gods! They're just people that sail. They shouldn't move in a plane above us. It's great to see that after all the glam of the AC, that a normal club run event is still relevant to them This was the Moth nationals, for the best sailors who are in the country. It's not for the best sailors except for the really good ones! You want to hands out participation trophies too?
  11. Note that NZs VMG mode was lower and faster whilst LR's was higher and slower, which I think was more affected by dirty air. Is when behind, NZ could sail a bit more sideways to find cleaner air and were using energy from more air. When in front they were disturbing more air, so LR had harder time finding clean air. So there difference in following distance was not just boat speed or even VMG. NZ was definitely better at following and thus when an opportunity presented, they had a chance of taking it.
  12. Checco would probably be doing better if he didn't keep letting go of the tiller every time he tacked onto starboard dai cazzo!
  13. So what would happen if for the next AC the boat was entirely open? No class rules are all! Would the boats that turned up all be pretty much AC75 anyway? There are boats that would beat them in a straight line, but not around a W/L course and not even they have to match race and win starts. I'm not sure a bigger boat would go much faster as these boats are at cavitation limits anyway. The costs would probably astronomical, but the results would be interesting.
  14. Can the double skin sail be made to work with a non rotating mast? It appeared that mast rotation was one of the key ways of controlling relative depth in the skins and so without it, there will need to be much greater variance at the clew. Also, do we know how much of the performance came from the double skins vs having the sail end plated against the deck? I can see the skins trickling down, but the visibility and ergonomic issues of a deck sweeping main are another thing..... although I think it would make little difference to the "lookout" kept by many boats I race against:)
  15. If we are talking cruising boats and not racers, then perhaps you could have both a ballasted keel and foiling if you used engine assist to get up onto the foils?
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