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  1. I am stunned that they are not wearing safety belts.. hitting a submerged object... or decelerating due to some unplanned stoppage would cause incredible blunt force trauma to the 'driver'.. just like in old cars... In AC races they wore helmets.. The idea of going fast is fun... In a race.. absolutely.. in a cruising world... fast is good.. but the 'downside' (no pun intended) is a real show stopper. I would not want to be sitting down for a lovely meal.. going 40knts... when we come to a sudden stop....
  2. and... why is the foil being thrown out? ... is it due to damage? |What about UV damage? about the only thing I would trust a 'throwaway foil' for is a modern art sculpture... and I would sell it as fast as I could make an NFT from it..
  3. If you don't know exactly what was wrong, what was done, with good documentation.. you can simply be STUCK in Pandora's box.... and never have time to sail you 'deal'.
  4. I met an older Gentleman (late 70's) in Ensenada.... with his Mac 65... He was from Canada... Vancouver if I recall correctly... He had bought his boat in La paz.. sailed/motored to Canada.. had a barge or something.. (don't recall exactly) take his rig down.. Insurance paid to rerig and fix.. and he sailed it back down to Ensenada.... All single handing... well..he did have a huge french poodle.. He was able to take it round all singlehanded... (with the bitch looking on....) No party required.. He also had a toyota land cruiser right hand drive.. and the massive poodle (with a ni
  5. Interesting.. on the other side of the world.. in a different ocean.. We have a tour company explaining how the Orcas love to play  chase and stay in the stern wake... Don't know if they are creating a monster.. or just one step away.. Can't figure out how to embed the video.. but here is a link to just the video.. https://assets.scrippsdigital.com/cms/videoIframe.html?&host=www.10news.com&title=WATCH%3A Pod of Orca whales ‘play chase' boat near La Salina&kw=&autoplay=true&m3u8=https://content.uplynk.com/4940ba481c9a4f92a53595
  6. I see you have NO FASHION SENSE... it costs a lot more to have someone wear your pants into fragments of thread holding holes together.... That is why they are expensive... and... as you know.. the more money one spends on something.. the better it must be.... (or the longer it shall take one to accept the reality that it is NOT necessarily better.. )
  7. What are you saying? How dare you? CreakyToy's keel has fallen off at the factory prior to delivery... Don't diss what you don't know...... (this is sarcasm.. just in case it was not obvious )
  8. preparing for the big race down under...
  9. Just ditch the steel toe boots.. or do not do up the laces.. hard to swim...
  10. Do you have any scuba gear? Do you have a bag of soft spuds? If so.. you may have a solution to your problem..
  11. It suddenly occurred to me after posting.... that a great hybrid solution would be to use a underwater scuba tank powered spud gun to really 'block' the seacocks.... Wonder what the noise makers would think if a woosh came out of their water lift mufflers, with bits of spud and other crap... Scare the crap out of them.... hmmmm...
  12. Potato Cannon.... so much easier then throwing...... I tell you.. God's solution to problems are potatoes... not so impressed with this link.. The photo (below) of the plastic pipe saying not for pressure.. is frightening... https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/how-to-make-a-potato-cannon/ This is a better link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potato_cannon A Scuba tank is a great source of pressure.... non flammable...
  13. I hate swimming out a second time when they switch engines.... By blocking every hole... gets rid of the generosity of sharing noise with whole anchorage... also no flushing of waste into bay.. really makes it a nice weekend....
  14. Kels and his team are super, no nonsense, professional, and are not indebted to brokers. They shall tell it as it is. I've used them as a buyer, for insurance (after refit) and then twice more for friends boats.... Can not say enough positive things about them.
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