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  1. Nah. Just a slow Friday night here... Btw, your " thread drift, as if you'd notice" line in another thread almost made beer come out my nose...
  2. Road, rode, potayto, potawto... I guess they don't teach spelling in law school eh?
  3. No, but the ground sure did...
  4. Standing lug? Looks like a dipping lug to me- a standing lug has the tack at mast... No?
  5. Yep, that's the place. Just off Jefferson Blvd. about 15 minutes from me and I only just "discovered" them after being here for 20+years. Sheesh! I told them this and they said ""we get about a person a week who comes in and tells us that. We're the best kept secret in Rhode Island."" Simply the best.
  6. Thanks DDW. I'll try to remember this the next time. I hope there isn't a next time. But, there always is...
  7. You made me laugh. Thanks. Yeah, I took that photo the moment I finished tapping the threads. There was a LOT of shit (some new, most old) . in the water jacket when I got around to cleaning things up. The cleaning up took longer than the drilling and tapping... The put on a new head gasket and head and ran it in a tank. All good. Will try it in anger soon.
  8. Oh eye of little faith... I appreciate all the helpful suggestions here, others not so much... The left hand bit suggestion(s) was the key, but not in the obvious way. I didn't know where to find such bits and was about to go down the McMaster Carr route when one of the regulars at my shipyard uttered the immortal phrase "have you tried Fuller's?" My god, a miracle in my backyard. Fuller/s has.... everything! And exceedingly helpful and knowledgeable people work there. I bought some cobalt (not available in left hand) and some left-hand bits in graduated diameters and a straight-fluted ea
  9. Just back from the welding shop--- didn't work for me either. Broke off most of the portion of the bolt that was protruding from the surface of the head. Was trying to go very easy, back and forth just a bit when it broke off. Will check with the machinist I know as to whether he has an EDM machine. Meanwhile, the welder suggested making a jig to guide my drilling-- gave me a block of steel to drill, using the head gasket as a pattern to drill two holes to hold the guide block in place using "good" holes in the head and a third hole to serve as the drill guide for the problem stud. To be conti
  10. I think this (above) will stay with me for a long time... Thanks, and thanks to others who have chimed in. You know, its not like this is the only problem, er project, I have to work on, and I like this little outboard a lot, so... I think I'll reach out to a machinist I know. If that doesn't work, I'll start drilling (why did I bury my drill press at the BACK of the shop I am packing up to move...?).
  11. Any help appreciated! Tohatsu 9.8 two-stroke. The brilliant engineers put the thermostat under the head. Sigh. 8 of 10 bolts removed easily, two sheared off but got one of those out. However, the last one has defeated me: several repeated soakings with PB Blaster (over several months), percussive raps with a ball peen, and today drilling and trying an EZ-out, have produced no success. Help...
  12. OK. In 1975, the summer between my junior and senior years in high school, the physics teacher at my small high school in central Washington, just up and left town. Too late to get a replacement, so I signed up for Auto Shop instead. One of the best things that ever happened to me. But I needed a project for the class. Up till then, my dad had been disapproving of my pleas to buy this or that junker with my paper route money. And then, one day, there is was on my walk to school, a car that used to park on the hilltop overlook near our house where the then owner (he was 3 years ahead of me) use
  13. I have one. New, unused... Was going to put it on a boat now for sale (life changes...). I think it is the medium model in the range but would have to check and am not in the same time zone as the boom brake at the moment. PM me if anyone is interested...
  14. I could dispute the basic premise of this post and the other comments like it (shall we talk about, say, Chrysler products...), BUT, this is seriously funny. Well done.
  15. Please. The solution is obvious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu9TsZQwatw&feature=emb_logo
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