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  1. I could dispute the basic premise of this post and the other comments like it (shall we talk about, say, Chrysler products...), BUT, this is seriously funny. Well done.
  2. Please. The solution is obvious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu9TsZQwatw&feature=emb_logo
  3. Trying again here, the photo posted momentarily last time then disappeared. Hopefully, it will stay put this time...
  4. You're all so predictable in your dreams. Dream big:
  5. We can only hope Toasty Wait a sec, I'm going to edit this to add something: Fuck— the guy whose skin is falling off, has a scar that would frighten a hardened criminal, and has consumed copious amounts of “therapeutic” poisons for months says “at least it’s not Covid” and I’m supposed to stay silent? Or just step in front of a speeding bus... "At least it’s not Covid"— I’m going to remember this! (if I live)
  6. Your original failure was due to "crevice corrosion" which happens when SS is in an anaerobic environment-- precisely what glassing in the chainplates creates. I had the same failure on my Soverel... didn't glass in the replacements
  7. IIRC, that was Matt Rutherford's conclusion while underway on his round-the-Americas solo trip-- he threw the fancy ($$$) stuff away and reverted to what commercial fishermen use: rubberized Grundens (and the like)
  8. Didn't he just finish building that? I thought the plan was for that to be his liveaboard...
  9. Just to clarify: I was talking about a PRM gearbox, I do not know of TMC.
  10. OK, its been about a decade so my memory may be off a bit-- I think the Hurth gear I had was the HBW5.... it went out and I contacted THE guy in the Boston area who said he could rebuild it for me but then said "if it was mine, I'd just replace it with a PRM." So, that's what I did. Drop-in replacement except for the shift linkage being on the other side of the case necessitating some cable rerouting. Haven't thought about it since.... (all bets are off if I am remembering which Hurth I had incorrectly....(
  11. Very sad to hear/read this. I remember when he named a calf for Bob Perry's late son. Seemed like a very nice man. RIP.
  12. Since this hasn’t come up, I’ll just put this here. A wonderful example of his voice on this cover of a Jesse Winchester classic: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRqlA9oZsyU
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