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  1. Raced a couple Weds nights on them in SC. They had a great class 7-10 boats on the line filled with skilled sailors. This admittedly surprised me a little because they are not a performance boat. They are a very practical boats. The Toqueedo electric swing out motors always seemed to have some sort of issue though, some related to the shear pin, but the concept is great and very clever. Will definitely consider one when ready to downsize.
  2. Thanks AJ, wal' and Jono, appreciate the info. I messed up the date in post #5, we'll be in Auckland December 20th and 21st this year, not 2020. Looks like we'll go the Explore Group route. I've been on the AC boats in Newport and they are a blast.
  3. Going to fly into Auckland from USA landing Friday, 20 December 2020. Looking to get out on the water on the 20th or 21st. Willing to pay expenses plus liquid or hard currency for 1/2 day sail. Thinking a private boat would be preferable to a commercial operator, though I have read good things about Explore sailing. If anyone in the area has or knows a boat that would be interested, feel free to PM me. Also, what are odds of seeing Team Emirates out practicing on those days? Thanks.
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