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  1. A friend of mine has a Waszp. My hat's off to him as he seems to have the patience of Job. He spent 2 years bouncing around the bay without foiling for more than a couple of boat lengths at a time. Spent the rest of the time swimming. It was painful to watch, this coming from me, the most pathetic RS700 sailor on this side of the Atlantic. I was hoping that the entry level foilers would be easier than this to sail.
  2. Just bought a mast from Geoff at CL so he's still in business. He seems to be checking his CL Boatworks Facebook messenger on a regular basis, so that may be your best bet to reach him.
  3. I have to agree with the others that the Albacore is not particularly suited to cruising. Its a fine racing machine. I own one as we have a large fleet up here. The rounded bottom makes it tippier than the other boats listed. That's fine if you want to be on the ball all of the time without a chance to relax. The boat is designed for both to be up front so that the tail is nearly out of the water with a minimum freeboard - you can't pack stuff or sit back there. There's next to no storage upfront with all of the gear that you may need for longer journeys. I've sailed all of the CL's
  4. They blew their shot. Went with C&L who answer their emails at least. Guess that I should have written my note in French. C'est la vie.
  5. Once wrote an email to them expressing interest in getting a Megabyte. Never heard back. Either don't know how to use email or don't know a sales lead when they see one.
  6. April 7th - docks in...April 7th - docks in ... April 7th - docks in ...

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