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  1. No worries what so ever. I got it from Facebook. If you are interested check The Credible Hulk. Interesting science page. This is a classic example of how ignorance is doing detrimental damage to society. spain is still in desperate need for this PPE aswell. The govt again had to throw out millions of face masks because they bought a type which was not homologated for medical use. This is the 3rd time they have bought bogus medical supplies during this tragic pandemic.
  2. It’s going to be a long process. I found this interesting. It explains a little bit of the complexities of the vaccine development. Of course it’s only one scientist but he seems pretty credible. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/health/2020-04-17/coronavirus-vaccine-ian-frazer/12146616
  3. I should elaborate a little. In Spain there is a system in place where the an employer can suspend their employees without having to fire them. Not sure what this system is called in English. By doing this the govt pays 70% of their wages. It’s called an ERTE. At the start of the declared state of emergency (mid March) millones of Spanish were put in this system. Zero has been paid out. Nothing will be paid until may 10 or June 10. Too little too late, like the overal response to this tragic crisis. Lots of angry people that live month to month on there wages.
  4. Spain has said a lot of things about a payment to their citizens. As to this date nothing has been paid. Zero!! Nothing will be paid until may 10 or if that does not go through the people will have to wait until June. Despite this, taxes are still being paid by the subcontractors. I believe the govt has no money to pay. It’s all done for the media, public image and votes of course. So there should be no praise for the Spanish govt!
  5. Sorry I don’t have data the ages of the dead medical staff and yes I suppose the mortality rate is not yet defined. But who cares it has been a huge loss of life and will continue. People not being able to be with their dying family members. Not being able to be at the funerals. I even saw a report that the authorities have even lost a body. I will point out that deaths that occur outside of hospitals are not counted in Spain.....yet. The data suggestes that the real figure could be up to 3 times higher than reported. https://www.elmundo.es/espana/2020/04/06/5e8b4e4021efa01e6e8b
  6. 26 Medical staff dead. More than 19000 infected in Spain. Which is 15% of all confirmed cases. https://www.google.es/amp/s/cadenaser.com/ser/2020/04/08/sociedad/1586325379_363621.amp.html 5 guardia civil 1 policía nacional. 23 years old. very tragic
  7. That is very unfortunate and a total scandal. Lack of transparency will be the demise of which ever country.
  8. I’m afraid my friend, the Spanish socialist/communist coalition have been lying from the outset! And that is just one for the very grave crimes they have committed and will be charged with. But that is for another topic, maybe political anarchy.
  9. Interesting article about what is officially record as a covid-19 death in Madrid and what is actually going on. Again there is another govt lying. https://english.elpais.com/spanish_news/2020-04-08/coronavirus-deaths-in-madrid-could-be-3000-above-official-figures.html
  10. I found this quite informative about the graphs and the stats.
  11. Just quoting what the news station was saying here in Spain. I suppose they got there numbers from the ministerio de sanidad. I would be very happy to be wrong. Anyway can’t find any online evidence to support that claim.
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