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  1. Vision problems are essentially problems with the shape of your eyeball. When the eyeball is too short, you are farsighted and can't focus on near objects because light rays entering your eye achieve a point of focus somewhere beyond your retina.When you are nearsighted and your eyeball is too long, light rays have too far to go and "fall short" of achieving a point of focus on your retina. When you have astigmatism, usually your cornea has an irregular shape. Sometimes, astigmatism results when your eye's natural lens has an irregular shape. These irregularities cause light rays entering
  2. The least I could do Slick, and yes whoever will be getting a well cared for boat.
  3. Larry's well cared for Nelson/Mareck designed shoal draft with winged keel 42' Catalina just listed today on Yachtworld. Catalina 42 Mk 1
  4. During World War II, one in three airmen survived the air battle over Europe. The losses were extraordinary. The casualties suffered by the Eighth Air Force were about half of the U.S. Army Air Force's casualties (47,483 out of 115,332), including more than 26,000 dead. These men knowing what they were facing in every mission - had to ignore the chances of injury or death and do their jobs. A good friend's late father piloted his B-25 in 57 missions bombing fascist positions in Italy during WWII, including many night missions. He brought two
  5. I-16 goes from Savannah to Macon, and the main thoroughfare from Savannah to middle Georgia and on to Atlanta. Google Maps - Georgia
  6. In February of 1946 Bob Reeves started Reeves Aleutian Airlines with the purchase of his first DC-3, and eventually a fleet of DC-3s, as well as various other aircraft, and for amphibious operations a couple of Sikorsky S-43 amphibians, as well as a couple Grumman Goose's which were kept in service till 1977 when the Gooses were sold to Pen-Air. By the mid-1950s, it was apparent that the DC-3s were not big enough for Reeve Aleutian. Therefore, the Douglas DC-4 was selected to supplement the DC-3s, eventually replacing them. By the early 1960s, the DC-4 was proving outdated, and therefore
  7. I just asked her as she's getting ready to go out the door. She gets each separately in small containers and mixes her own. However if you go online, there are premixed available. She also said the shelf life is short, so it probably has to be sealed and or refrigerated. I bet Amazon has numerous products available. Essential Oils for Neuropathy
  8. I don't know the how and why, would have to ask my wife who's to busy to ask anything right now - she's getting ready to go to my grand-daughters baby shower - Some of her clients suffered the similar nerve damage from Guillian-Barre, and essential oils working for them with varying degrees of success. I'm sure if google was asked, more then a few answers would have a simple explanation. Can Essential Oils Treat Neuropathy? Essential oils for neuropathic pain relief Guillan Barre Syndrome
  9. This is the essential oil mix my wife uses for her clients with nuropathy in their feet. The carrier oils can be one of many including lavender or any of the massage carrier oils. T = tablespoon
  10. Just throwing out a few options. He doesn't have to do any of those or a couple or not as he wishes. I usually make a habit of setting myself up for the task at hand, with all materials and tools needed in order. The #1 rule always was, not breaking a sweat, even when figuratively running a marathon.
  11. Yes which is why I posted both those links. Though Cliff states he believes the scientific consensus on global warming - he has a long history of being lukewarm on the subject. Charles Mudede and Cliff Mass debated their separate stances climate change about four years ago. Cliff appears to be deliberately ignoring the excessive increase in CO2 in parts per billion, and that climate change is changing weather drastically across all measurable metrics. Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed Over the past
  12. You may be surprised to get two checks when your SSI first arrives - I know I was, three months after I had filed. Now the SSI get's deposited in my account like clockwork. Now that you don't have to worry about the limits of vacation time, take extended vacations. Live in a foreign country for a while. With two retirements (yours and your wife's) and selling two of your rentals, after getting that rotator surgery and subsequent recovery and physical therapy - would be a good time to start a European or World tour for a year or more till the urge to travel subsides somewhat. Perhaps tur
  13. Indeed it's huge catastrophe for marine life, especially with the mussel die off from the excessive heat - wide scoped - since they're a foundation species because a lot of the marine ecosystem depends upon them.
  14. Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Washington; Cliff Mass' blog on the recent heatwave. Was Global Warming The Cause of the Great Northwest Heatwave? Science Says No. Seattle Times article yesterday pointing at Climate Change as a possible culprit. In the comments in this article Cliff Mass disputes these findings, two Washington State Climatologists, Dr. Nick Bond and Karin Bumbaco weigh in on the discussion as well. Without climate change, record Pacific Northwest heat wave would have been near impossible, researchers say
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