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  1. My pleasure Bump - the least I can do.
  2. Honestly I don't know which arthritis is the cause, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Cruisin - I'll make a point of asking specifically.
  3. A quick update for everyone, after talking with Hope this morning. Mark is eating solid food as of yesterday. He has to really chew a lot before swallowing, because his throat is still sore from being intubated. He's getting along well with Hope and the medical staff. His hand restraints were removed, but only if he promised not to pull out tubes, which is why he had restraints. His feeding tube was removed this morning, because he got two meals down yesterday. He will be moved out of ICU and up to the next floor soon - perhaps today or tomorrow. No word on how long till he's r
  4. Asked hope about that yesterday. Fortunately since beating the pneumonia and weened off the sedatives he hasn't had a problem breathing and doesn't need oxygen. However he can only speak low and quietly due to being intubated twice. The one thing he seems to be suffering from is - his short term memory isn't up to par yet. He also appears to be suffer from a malaise which is apparently common in about 30% of the COVID survivors, and manifests itself with a bit of brain fogginess. He's also been a bit cranky as he weened off the sedatives, but once again the Doc said this was common for being s
  5. Was wondering who that was... Thanks for bringing it up to an even $12K - much appreciated!
  6. Yes Mike - in my trade - Things can and do south in the blink of an eye, and I worked hard to ensure that accidents were minimized or didn't happen on jobs I supervised - and feel fortunate no one died under my watch. I have seen men killed on other crews killed, crushed, heads taken off when a headache ball two-blocked and the cable sheered off and the ball took the guys head off right through the deck. My #1 foreman who've I spoke of before here and I, had a new operator two-block a headache ball right above us as we rigged a heavy steel fabrication - four feet between us, both ben
  7. Thanks again to everyone who donated for your generosity!
  8. Hope set this up. Working 40+ years in healthcare, she knew exactly who she wanted to do the surgery. During the past five years Mark has missed several windows of opportunity to get the replacement/s done. So I got hold of Hope, and we set this up in such a way that Mark got signed up with healthcare, under the watchfull eye of Hope, with the plan, no matter what, Mark was going to get a hip replacement. Hope did the rest of the footwork, choosing the best surgeon in the area - who volunteered to do the surgery no charge - but with the cavet, it had to be in a teaching environment o
  9. The University of Washington's Dr. Howard Chansky a Professor and Chair of the Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, who's specialty is hip replacements, who's also a specialist in bone and soft tissue tumors, volunteered to do both hip replacements several months ago. He won't proceed without making sure Mark is fully healed and any issues resolved. https://orthop.washington.edu/faculty-profiles/howard-a-chansky-md.html
  10. Hope and I were discussing the very same several weeks ago. Yes - It'll no doubt be months out before he reschedules.
  11. Used my limit of likes for the last 24 hours. Many thanks to all who donated. It would be nice to see that $25K figure met. I set the end date for this GFM at 90 days . Any amount would be appreciated as once he's healed up he's facing a staggered double hip replacement. Mark has a tough road ahead this coming year, and a few of us including Kim would like to get him back out on the water.
  12. No doubt about that ED! It's not for everyone, and takes a different breed of cat to work long hours in the winter with the rain or snow coming down sideways. Piledriving 'Fishery Window' season in the salt waterways is from Aug 15 to February 15. Hobot and I sailed together and he worked in the trade for me at Manson, too. A friction rig or friction crane is a land based lattice boom crane crawler or water based derrick barge or a friction crane crawler on a barge, that uses clutches and foot brakes for load control instead of a hydraulic system as with modern lattice boom cranes. Y
  13. Besides being born a boomer, then working in a trade where we moved around from state to state or country to country if necessary - booming - there's a lot of reasons for the handle, including working around friction rigs and Derrick Barges for 41 years, and active duty Seabees for four years, and 24 years as a Seabee Reservist - and in that trade, sometimes it means working up to our ears in mud or water and sometimes underwater.
  14. It appears as if Hobot is on the road to recovery. He's propped in his hospital bed up and alert, cutting it up with his nurses. He's also being combative with one of his doctors a tall blonde Doctor who Hope says looks like a Barbie Doll, walks around on air, and has total disregard for everyone beneath her including Hope, and ignoring her questions. The one doctor who is down to earth, whom was Hobot's primary care doctor, whom Hobot gets along with. Whom with the nurses was responsible for saving Hobots life, along with the vascular surgeon who clamped off the veins leading to the blee
  15. Thanks guys, your donations are much appreciated.
  16. Quite generous donating blood during this pandemic, when blood banks can use every blood donation they get and as we've seen the use of in this thread. I know several SAers who even before the pandemic, made a habit of donating blood regularly. It's been a while for me, too, and a good reminder to donate.
  17. Scot was already on it! I contacted Scot and he will be adding the GFM link to the SA front page he posted several days ago. This was posted on the front page April 11, 2021
  18. Thanks guys - very much appreciated!
  19. Hobot got COVID-19 over six weeks ago. He's been in the hospital for four weeks. With COVID-19 he got pneumonia in the hospital, and his breathing became labored as he struggled to get oxygen. He was then sedated, then intubated and put on a ventilator. He developed stress ulcers in his stomach, requiring drugs to stop the bleeding and four units of blood, then another unit of blood last week. They cauterized the wound. The intubator was removed and he was taken off the ventilator, to see if he could breath on his own. Then the ulcers started bleeding again, and as they fought save him, he r
  20. Good idea Ed - I'll reach out to Scot, too. SA won't let me like any more posts. Must have to wait 24 hours. Thanks for all the continued donations through the night, your kindness shows through your generosity.
  21. Yes Hope read the thread, and got support from it, and was surprised Hobot had such a large support group of sailors. However with the onslaught of setbacks last week that last through the weekend, she was frustrated and quite a bit overwhelmed. We talked for about an hour and a half today, while we jumped through all the hoops to get the gofundme page set up. Once we were done there was much relief by both of us, as the gofundme site, made what should have been simple, quite difficult. Hope is quite appreciative of the sailing community here on SA, and is still a bit overwhelmed tha
  22. I've used all my likes up for the day gentlemen. Thank you very much for your donations. Much appreciated!
  23. Thank you very much familysailor!
  24. Mark continues to improve throughout the day. Since there have been so many setbacks, we're keeping our fingers crossed, but will wait for a few days of continued progress, before we get our hopes to high. With clear lungs that are now staying clear, the pneumonia has probably been beaten. I knock on wood, least we have another setback. Hope was in tears when donations started to roll in today. Thanks to everyone who has donated - very, very much appreciated. Thank you all again!
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