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    12 countries with Islam as the state religion have the death penalty for atheists (apostasy), consider that fact before calling someone a racist Islamophobic Xenophobic bigot for criticising Islam.

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  1. That kind of concurs with what I saw in the 2 vids so far. If death and mayhem was his goal the driver could have done a lot more damage driving up the middle of the parade route rather than swerving onto the side. Not that that absolves him of any guilt. CBS were pushing fake news with that- https://twitter.com/DavidBegnaud/status/1462640348044349440 Police say he deliberately zig zagged to hit innocent people which backs up the videos i saw.
  2. See? When a car went into a crowd at Charlottesville all the leftists in ths forum used that as a point scoring part of the ball game. This thread will not be as huge as the Charlottesville thread. Should we downplay this as a mostly peaceful Sunday drive?
  3. Everything i posted is true and you called for me to be flicked for telling the truth. You should apologise for being ignorant of the truth my shit is Akbar. It was Rita Panahi the Iranian ex muslim journalist who came to Australia as a refugee who told me who the offender was. If you don't like that gay Asian Andy Ngo does that make you a racist homophobe? I giess it took a while for MSM to form a narrative since the offender wasn't a white Trump supporter here is your ABC on this. The ABC confirmed the rap video i posted which had his car was 100% correct it's amusing how
  4. These details should be noted by those treating this shit as part of the score of a fucking ball game. So if it was a white Trump supporter driving into a crowd of tinted people none of that would be relevant and in future no leftist will ever bring up anything on the background of offender? Perhaps we should follow what this CBS reporter says even if video shows it's more bullshit from the fake news David Begnaud @DavidBegnaud
  5. The offender is Darrel E Brooks he is in custody his posts on social media show support for BLM, George Floyd and Black Nationalism. He has a Rap video same car used in this attack is in this video same number plate at 2.23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Sc8VqvGdSk
  6. Ask yourself … who is keeping the hate alive! When Trump mentioned fake news 5 years ago all the leftists went apeshit. Here is melis favourite source for fake news reporting on this with no fact checkers disputing it. Rosenbaum was in a mental health facility because he was suicidal. He was released on the same day he was shot dead after taunting people to shoot him. Why is nobody mentioning the failure of your mental health system with this guy? Does anyone who truly supports BLM use the "N" word like Rosenbaum did that night? I agree with Tulsi Gabbard o
  7. Fired for donating $25 bucks for someone who was found not guilty are leftists proud of this?
  8. The fake news pushed that narrative. The people who were shot were felons that doesn't mean they were black.
  9. With no evidence, MSM & antifa-loving politicians immediately labeled Rittenhouse a white supremacist terrorist. It’s obvious now that he was just a foolish kid who felt he needed to protect people & the community from rioters & arsonists because the government failed to do so. https://twitter.com/TulsiGabbard/status/1458792879871213569
  10. Australia supplies less than 8% of the worlds coal. The coal price has been going up. Can't see coal being phased out anytime soon.
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