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  1. YB appears to show the 3 leading J111's fighting it out for top 3 positions in Mackinac cup followed by Eagle and Chico. Looks like Chico's move to the outside paid off, they passed Eagle, but they may not make up enough time to beat them on corrected.
  2. I cant really speak to the J80 and have no idea how many J70s are around Annapolis. I love my J70, its a fun boat to sail. As 10thTonner notes the winches are a pain. The hiking not so much, the line is only a gut cutter if you are hiking outside the rules, if you are hiking within the rules its pretty comfortable. I would also say that for the the pro's are a bonus rather than a downside, they are typically very helpful, and very willing to share tips. Yes it's harder to get on the podium in bigger events but there are Corinthian crews out there who regularly do. (Though its fair to
  3. Um, you may want to reread the definitions.......
  4. When you look at the carbon footprint of a person do you look at the differential between that person staying ashore and the same person working the boat, or the total footprint of the person on the boat. I'm a bit puzzled by the huge carbon footprint for the person.
  5. This picture is from one of harry's posts, I would hope whoever is teaching this class (or someone in this school) is using the boat to explain engineering principles of the design. This may be a good source for information?
  6. Maybe in certain cases its safer and cheaper not to, and to design in a mechanical fuse, i.e. let the rig fall down. If the rig is easy to replace this is a perfectly reasonable solution to the problem and allows you not to have to over-design the beams for the normal loads. I don't know if this was the design intent in the traditional craft but it can certainly be a solution.
  7. That was our go to for cruising, (dan bouy) ours worked with an inversion light, (stored upside down). My dad tested it before night passages, and we used it for drills, so everyone on board knew how to deploy it. In daylight having a bright orange flag up off the water made it easy to see. Very easy to deploy.
  8. reading the article the primary recommendation is: At no point does the article recommend not using a tether or suggest that a free fall no tether approach is better. I would tend to agree with your conclusion that you are better not attached to the boat, than attached and in the water. (and the article definitely supports that.) My reading of this is: with a tether use it properly or not at all.
  9. If you use energy(or power) to describe the way this work you can choose whether the wheels 'power' the turbine or the turbine 'powers' the wheels simply by picking the appropriate frame of reference.
  10. Of course, what I'm thinking is that I need to practice POB maneuvers more often, I already know that my crew can do drops at the leeward mark, and that seems like a good starting point to base a kite up POB drill off. Whatever its ends up being it needs to be consistent, possible in almost all conditions and quick.
  11. ? it also means you are inside at that mark, in a crowded gate being inside is usually more important, especially if the gate is not perfectly lined up.... (i.e. almost always)
  12. well, i know what I'm doing this weekend I have a retired kite I can load up and see what works. I'm in a smaller boat (J70) but I'm thinking the critical part of this, is Blow the sheet -> then turn up. What I'm interested in is how well I can de-power prior to the turn up. The way I look at it is that a well practiced crew can drop the kite at a leeward mark going from full downwind to upwind in a pretty short time/space (generally less than 3 boat lengths.), if we eliminate the need to be well trimmed coming out of the turn up that should also help. The onl
  13. Um.... one of the requirements for USCG registration is that the boat is owned by a US citizen.
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