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  1. Its defiantly a G&S but I don't see any S2 at all. Very Close to a Mariah but different deck mold, Keel, and rudder.
  2. Remember it well from early 80s SORC. Not sure which year because I was well in my partying days, Kind of a Blur, it rated about 28.5 or 29. Higher than a lot of 36 to 39 footers at that time. The St Pete to Ft L leg it passed a lot of bigger boats, heard it was a wild ride.
  3. I did the Worrell in 98, Randy was on a Nacra 6.0. That year the Leg from Wrightsville Beach to Hatteras started in 10 to 15 knot with all of us flying spinnakers. But by mid day it Was well close to 30 35 knots from the south and the biggest seas Ive experienced on a 20 ft catamaran. I remember it well because we got knocked down about 5 times and only then did we realize we should possibly take the spinnaker down. 3 boats lost there masts on that leg .One of which was rescued by the Coast Guard. The Next days leg around Hatteras to Kill Devil Hills was a piece of cake. We all hugged the sho
  4. Bumper sticker MY OTHER POLE IS UP MY NOSE
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