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    Saw this guy out sailing near Seattle, hilarious name for a sailboat... Here's a list of other funny boat names... http://www.allthingsboat.com/boat-names/
  2. I have been flying my DJI Phantom from the deck of my boat, while my boat is at rest on anchor. However, I would like to go sailing with the drone and capture images from the drone. Who doesn't want that glory shot of your boat heeled over. But I am also not sure if the drone will be easy to retrieve from the deck of a moving boat... Has anyone tried this? Any recommendations? It looks like the 'return to home' GPS signal updates every few seconds. So, in theory even if connection is lost, it should return to the boat... Also, any thoughts on whether the VHF frequency of a boat woul
  3. I agree - I would start with a cheap Hubsan, for maybe 80 bucks. But the DJI phantom is nice because it has the GPS lock on it, so the drone can stand perfectly still - even in a stiff breeze.
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