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  1. My money is on Bill. He knows how to sail Hula. The win in the 80s on the Olson was also a SHTP elapsed time record that stood for several years.
  2. My doctor retired about a year ago. He never raised any concern over my lipoprotein levels. My new doctor has been out of residency for about a year. In November, she had my labs run. My LDL and total cholesterol were just barely over the limit. She uses a online calculator to determine heart attack and stroke risk factors. As a result, she put me on atorvastatin, 40 mg. I questioned the dose, but she would not waiver. What I noticed was leg joint pain . I record my usual hikes and excercise sessions with my tracker. My times for my usual hilly hike increased by 8 minutes after i had worked u
  3. Just learned a week ago that this buddy of mine is blind. I suspected a couple months ago when he seemed to run into things. And then would set in the middle of the living room and cry. But he still went outside and seemed to "look" at stuff. So at the vets for his checkup last week, I ask the vet and he confirmed that indeed he cannot see. He took some xrays and did some blood work, but nothing negative showed up. The amazing thing though is how well he does get around. He seems to have all the routes through the house store in his internal nav system. He know where I am and follows me to whe
  4. Where on the Olympic Peninsula are you located and where will the boat be moored?
  5. I don't have rudder stops. When I bought the boat used in 1999, they were not installed. I want to say that there is or was holes in the deck plate for the top rudder bearing to accommodate the bolts that hold the stops. I have seen them installed on other boats, so I have a good idea what they look like. I have considered installing some. I have turned the rudder against the hull a few times and once really hard when I was backing down. Never saw any damage or scraped paint. I may have some drawings somewhere in my files.
  6. I have not seen anything that makes Agate Pass part of the course. The bridge vert clearance is 75 ft. I have lived and sailed in Kitsap County west of Bainbridge Island most of my life. Sailing thru Agate Pass and Rich Pass is not very difficult. We race thru those passes regurarly. Just need to know the currents and hope you have enough wind. The winds west of Bainbridge Island are notoriously fickle. The only reason I can see to go that way could be for small boats to avoid more adverse conditions in the main part of the sound. If I was to race this race, I would consider going west of Bain
  7. The charts show it has 58 vert clearance. It always makes me nervous to go under it with my J35, but never had any problems. I did hear of a report from a owner of a 40 ft C&C that his masthead antenna hid the bridge once.
  8. I remember the old store down on the waterfront. When I was still in school, I worked at a marine hardware store in Bremerton. I would have to drive the old flatbed truck to Fisheries to pick up orders. In the summer it was fun trying to back down the pier to the loading dock and not run over tourists. Later when I worked in Seattle, I made a lot of trips to Fisheries for boat stuff on my way home to the ferry. Now most of my trips to Fisheries are on the bicycle. Seattle has good bicycle routes from the ferry to Lake Union. Fisheries has always been my goto place for marine ha
  9. RTS started at Shilshole on a Friday night, around Vashon Island, PT Hudson buoy, Hat Island and finished at Shilshole. Seemed like 135 nm. I did it on a Cal T2 in 1977. It was windy almost the entire time. We finished very early Sunday morning. Great Equalizer seemed to stay mostly within Puget Sound on multiple laps between Point no Point and Pt Robinson. But remember once going to PT Hudson and another time drifting around Hat Island. Good times!
  10. I remember this. It was on a piece of public trail next to SDYC. I used to visit it when i was in San Diego on business. I did not know that was Doug Petersons home.
  11. Here is the latest I just heard: https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2020/11/30/navy-will-scrap-fire-ravaged-bonhomme-richard/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=Socialflow+NAV&utm_medium=social I would hope that some effort would be put into salvaging any machinery that was not fire damaged. But this was a boiler ship and the new ones are gas turbine, there may not much usable equipment.
  12. And I thought it was just me that couldn't get YouTube.
  13. For you people on Facebook. Here is a boat for Rimas. Rawson 30 cutter. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3491603927626352/
  14. When i bought the current house in 2006, the basement was finished with two bedrooms, rec room and a bonus room. The bonus room was too small for a bedroom and had no closet. I finally turned it into a exercise room. Cushioned mat covering carpet, a Bowflex machine, spin bike, Nordic Trac and bench. But I also installed a TV high on the wall and found a wall mounted fan to help blow away the sweat. It is a bit crowded, but one of the better investments I have made.
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