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  1. Can’t believe people haven’t posted for some of the old race boats…….. Amazing Potato, Boise ID High Noon, Tombstone, AZ (also sail #1200)
  2. The original cheap Casio digital watch with a countdown timer on it……..
  3. Raced one of those at Cowes week, maybe 1987 or 88……nice boat, a touch heavy…..one of the guys who worked for MG said if there was ever a nuclear attack, inside a MG38 would be the place to be
  4. BUSA, late 80’s Plymouth……lost more than a few brain cells…… Spending 3 or 4 years team racing underpowered dinghies is not the way to go….
  5. I worked there when they bought Navman……it’s all good until there is a change in leadership……then the bits that don’t directly help engine or boat sales will be sold of quick and cheap….unless a boat company or Mercury leader says ‘keep them’
  6. Based on their track record…….I’d say wait a few years and it will be back for sale, probably in multiple pieces… I mean they bought Navman in 2004 and the sold it to Navico a few years later for pennies….. it will stay as long as the current senior management is around, when they leave then the parts that cannot stand by themselves (as Mercury and odd parts on the boat side can) will be sold.
  7. Brings back memories, raced on Aurora, Tripp 55 and Bully was quick!
  8. Secondary bonding is really poor with polyester, especially the DCPD resins (I would assume) these guys use. As Zooker says….epoxy seems a minor extra expense for a much better repair
  9. Not many SB boats travel……even the King Harbor race typically only has a couple of SB boats entered and it starts in SB……
  10. Taser? might not be any in your neck of the woods
  11. I think a designer (not a naval architect) was told ‘make it easy to get to the back of the boat so people can interact with the water easier’……he/she did a layout with twin wheels…….the executives loved it……’build it! They said’. Then the poor naval architect said ‘what about the sails, and the mainsheet’, and the executives said ‘don’t worry’ and ‘make it work’ the designer will win awards for an innovative new design that improves the ‘user experience’ and the naval architect will be forever remembered as the person who ruined the design with that ‘bit of string to control the sail’ r
  12. I remember seeing minesweepers from back then with wooden planks on the topsides each side of the bow to minimize damage to the structure.
  13. Yep, lots of choices on how it can be cut (if you buy enough). Just makes sure the gaps are resin filled. Different cut thickness and one side v double sided can influence how easily it takes a curve.
  14. https://www.sailsetc2.com/index.php/ Graham Bantock, met him in the early 80’s sailing a mirror on the river with a prototype swing rig.
  15. Article in the newest WoodenBoat magazine about WP
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