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  1. I remember seeing minesweepers from back then with wooden planks on the topsides each side of the bow to minimize damage to the structure.
  2. Yep, lots of choices on how it can be cut (if you buy enough). Just makes sure the gaps are resin filled. Different cut thickness and one side v double sided can influence how easily it takes a curve.
  3. https://www.sailsetc2.com/index.php/ Graham Bantock, met him in the early 80’s sailing a mirror on the river with a prototype swing rig.
  4. Article in the newest WoodenBoat magazine about WP
  5. I remember reading a story about this back in the day (maybe in Yachts and Yachting) and thinking it had to an April fool.....
  6. According to the Juan K website that was 1999 as the IMS 50’ big boat
  7. Ok, so 93 Transpac had an IOR class, 93 admirals cup was IOR. Class listing for 95 transpac does not list a rating rule at all. Now I did find that there was a One ton cup in ‘94 and even a quarter ton cup in ‘96! , the last winner of the 1/4 ton cup was Per Elisa, won in both 95 and 96, so maybe the last boat built and rated under IOR?
  8. Was it the ketches built for the 1993/94 RTW race or were there any later launches anywhere?
  9. And it didn’t work right in the original configuration and they had to weld on another couple of inches......
  10. True, but in Europe they are working to make it a legal requirement to have a full lifecycle planned. US is a little behind. It will get there, especially as the turbines built from 2005 onwards come up for replacement/repower at 20 years, some of the Clipper turbines are already being replaced.
  11. The other part is quantity......for a recycling process you need a steady supply of a consistent and known material........boats are not that supply, too many variations with resin and fabric types....now wind turbine blades, they are better candidates as there are typically a bunch of them all from the same manufacturer, all getting replaced at the same time.....with known materials.
  12. Agreed......I was part of a serious program a while ago (almost 30 yrs). It wasn’t until the boat was put up for sale (much more recently) that I actually looked at all the results listed in the ad......and realized we did pretty well.....results were not the main motivation, having fun, hanging out with some great guys in some pretty cool places, results were icing on the cake, never the main reason!
  13. I visited Janicki when the only machine (20’ x 10’ x 8 rough envelope) was a converted digitizing machine and located in an old barn.......staff was 3 people IIRC....that was in 1995......gave them a contract for the deck plug for a 62’ deck.......then we went bankrupt!
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