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  1. Hi, I see that you are not often here. I have some ideas to acquire Artemis. Do you say she's badly built yacht? She's in a very rough condition at the moment so it's big undertaking to start a restoration of her. It would be great to hear back from you to get some insights and additional knowledge.




  2. My honeycomb come from the Swedish IACC campain called Victory Challange, Örn SWE 63, Orm SWE 73 and Järv SWE 96 (2001-2007) surplus material. I do not know the name or brand of it. The non-skid is OK but unfortunately it was rolled and that make it patchy, next time I plan to use a spray gun, I believe that is the way to go.
  3. Thanks for the nice words Since my last rotation offshore I have been really busy to finish FOP for the summer of 2020. Work escalated a bit out of control once I realized all stuff I have been starting and now they need to be finished. Many of the things going on her this year has actually been started several winters ago as a way for me to get things done and also spread the cost over a longer period. Somehow I am really hooked on Titanium and the satin finish you get once it is glas blasted, add the weight saving and the details you can add by making them yourself. However, just
  4. Hey Boink, you well get updates. New mast is literally in transit, should arrive on Friday June 5, in the meantime you will get a few glimpses of what is going on here. Last year I upgraded with a new Selden carbon boom (# 735 above), a little longer and incredible light compared with the old one, 36-37 kg vs. 8-9 kg yet 400 mm longer. This year I planned to proceed with the mast and new rod rig and a truckload with other tings going along with such a major job. I had ongoing discussions and firm quotes from all vendors I talked to, only Hall spars had an attitude promising to get back and pro
  5. Yes, correct an attempt to stop theft... but of course you can remove it anyway if you have time and interest.
  6. I believe so, never seen it before. It is a STEARN mast from back in the day.
  7. I'm lurking around this yacht, same designer but 50ft, she's in terrible condition. Cost a fortune to transport her to Sweden.
  8. I have been planning to upgrade our navigation system for a few years and started to collect hardware. I really enjoy the process and I try to evaluate the options and often go for a custom solution, based on some cools stuff seen in real life during yacht spotting. I planned to make a custom made pod for the new Axiom plotter and got some inspiration from Wally on Youtube. Below you can see how we did, a bottom and a top and titanium sheet metal 2 mm wrapped around it. To make it more artistic yet lighter I made the additional milling in the bottom part. There is also a chamfer to allow
  9. This is a project I would luv to be involved in. So worthwhile, she will be gorgeous. Next trip to Aussie land will require a site visit.
  10. We bloody foreigners, we don't understand everything... It is absolutely manageable, however I would use one coat with blackened resin on the divinylcell core in case you get over enthusiastic when you do the sanding and break the fiber. Depending on thickness maybe making it out of two or three 5 mm to get it super stiff and strong.
  11. I have made these sheets from regular divinylcell 5 and 10 mm, impregnating them with resin applied the carbon fiber, peel-ply and then cured them in a veneer press. I am cheating, I will not do anything with the edges. They shelves will only see kitchen appliances, winch handles, a few life jackets etc so they are unprotected. I did dividers for the cutlery a few years back and then I sealed the top by wetting strips of carbon fiber and simply put the divider standing on the edge with a weight on the wet fiber. Next morning I took a knife and cut of the excess material and sanded the edg
  12. Here is another update, our backrests serve as storage, anything from life jackets to hoover and we have only had a few shelves made a few years ago. This winter I made a complete set of shelves and now they are in the process of being varnished. I made plywood strips say 50x5 mm and various lengths a bunch of small clams and I could get a really good fit and a accurate template to put on the carbon fiber sheets I made. The front is made of Zebrano wood, also referred to as zebra wood, its satisfactory to make everything as light as possible.
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