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  1. Instagram says the vang pin failed which led to mainsail chafe and then failure.
  2. Just found that. Interesting. Looks like the backstay, Sprit and rigging are intact. maybe a non fatal rudder issue? Though to be fair, since the transpac requires a spare rudder, how is anything a fatal rudder issue these days? Can’t believe Lucky dropped out
  3. What’s up with the Compadres race? Over a day behind the next boat? Surely there has to be a story there.
  4. That boat was probably the last Maxi72 to be even semi offshore capable. Even then it’s had major problems with keeping the mast up and the structure attached to the inside of the hull. now this keep shrinking those safety factors, NAs, that’s surely the path to good results offshore!
  5. Yes, death trap. As in, if it gets knocked down it might not come back up. That happened on their transatlantic delivery to the Caribbean in 2016. It stayed down a long time. It was mothballed after that winter regatta season.
  6. Warrior Won is my odds on fave
  7. New Xcelsior? Is that a contradictory statement?
  8. Bruce I can’t tell you how awesome it is for this thread to be up and running again. Love every part of it. Keep truckin!
  9. Good thing you’re a nobody who doesn’t talk to anyyyy owners or marine industry professionals or prospective clients of his or anything. ;-)
  10. Clearly the Monaco yacht club
  11. This thing is a beast and is going to lead a new generation of Mega Maxis racing offshore for the biggest events and records.
  12. I think this is close to the exhaustive list: Started as a boat called Phoenix (?) which was borderline Abandoned in San Francisco. Bishop bought and rehabbed it and went out and did Big Boat Series because he was an IRC pusher at the time. Wanted to start seeing how a 44 would do in IRC if not restricted by class rules. I believe the first change was the boat was repainted and went with a big pole and big kites in 2011. https://www.photoboatgallery.net/p596474437?fpciidx=24 That was okay, but it needed more. Next step was to make everything spicier. Cockpit seats
  13. +1 on the PB design. That shit looks awesome.
  14. Big fan of the Marksetbots at BIRW. Behaved predictably and very easy to see and work with. One comment is how to sight them on the starting line, because they’re 4’ wide. Should have some kind of line flag staff option for starting pins
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