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  1. I genuinely believe he bought the company so that people would call him and he could talk to them about sailing 12 Metres and his 1-2 years spent on Courageous (then years bouncing around a variety of shoddy foundation 12s) as though he was in the cup on her. He makes up his own crew gear “from courageous,” made up a fake google phone number with 12-26 in it, and doesn’t seem to have any half hull molds in his collection except those of 12 Metres.
  2. Also the outboard canted daggerboards were relatively unique to the 2015 Telefonica, which this boat was born as.
  3. When Andy sold the company I was happy for him and figured it was hard to mess up a half-hull business. Boy was I wrong. I remember placing an order from Andy for a Dorade Half Hull and having it in-hand two weeks later, looking perfect. Have now seen two orders through Trident get delayed by 18 months despite substantial up-front cash commitments and further cash commitments over what was quoted just to get a finished product. Got the same set of excuses, runarounds, and equivocations and more as everyone else on this thread. I’ve known Upton for 10 years to be a volatile, bombastic
  4. Really? I'm as picky as the next guy but I think being 25% larger kind of trumps anything Comanche has going already. Rambler 88, the 37 (!!!!!!!) foot smaller sister of this thing was regularly nipping at Comanche's heels.
  5. How about all the other boats in the area?
  6. 120 every time. Better all around boat, not built to any rating rule, easier to sail, lots of good knowledge out there re: sails, lines, hardware.
  7. Yeah? They wouldn’t have been able to find the MOB from Imedi?
  8. Wingnuts and Imedi, both wound up being safety equipment failures in some form or another and both happened in the last decade. Which other race has had a safety record like that in the last Decade? Fastnet Race? RORC 600? Middle Sea? Hobart? Bermuda?
  9. Considering the Mac race is one of the few distance races in the country which regularly sees deaths on the race, I think anyone complaining about safety requirements is not acknowledging the reality of the race. People dunk on the Bermuda Race for having onerous safety requirements but there haven't been fatalities in that race in its entire history.
  10. What Lance won't tell you is that more and more races are switching from ORR to ORC. Skip the 1990s tech that makes up ORR and just go ORC, which by the way, creates ratings for Multihulls
  11. Rio to break in the first 10 miles
  12. There’s nothing more than a rendering looking for an owner to find Shaun’s expensive (even for an NA) lifestyle.
  13. Best furlers out there are Ubi Maior. Reach out to @RImike
  14. Want to drop the gossip? What color was this boat?
  15. Measure them realtive to your beam of destiny
  16. KK at Quantum really is the best Jboats designer out there.
  17. I'm sure you'll see Thin Man doing Edlu and Around Block Island in the Spring
  18. Good, some etchells shouldn’t be more class legal than others. maybe this will help restore the fleets waining numbers at the top level.
  19. Well we were talking about big bronze things, got me thinking
  20. Is anyone out there making lightweight or titanium sheaves? I know Harken makes ball bearing ones but none of their dimensions work. I have an awfully heavy tulip at the top of the rig.
  21. Unless you're in certain areas which recognize you can't sail a Windward/Leeward regatta with a Code 55 and only apply the rating hit to the distance rating for that boat.
  22. Which other protocols has that "expert" produced in the past?
  23. I’ll be honest, I was in this regatta and I’ve been in Jobson videos before and compared to how intense the event was and how descriptive Gary can be....watching this video was as boring as boring gets. Disappointing. It was the largest 12 fleet to ever sail in the US and the best the boats have ever been and all we got here was 20 minutes of dock talk. The final cut seemed to just be a way of getting as many old rich guys doing talking heads on camera as possible without showing any more than 3 seconds of the boats sailing at a time.
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