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  1. Honestly I don’t give a loose shit about it. The money. The regatta. The beer. The PRO. I’ve stated several times I had a great time in Chicago despite the racing. I’m not the original poster. The OP asked for opinions from competitors. I gave mine, always with the caveat that hindsight is 20/20. But opinions are like ass holes...everybody has one. Peace out.
  2. Not that it matters but 3 boats where upside down before a race even started on day one. Two more capsizes during the one race that was abandoned and then three capsizes on Sunday. No doubt about the HS regattas. Accompanied of course by their coach boats, safety boats, parent boats, harbor gate keeper boats, RC boats and armed with a comprehensive risk management plan drafted by the inter scholastic sailing association and studied by all support staff and competitors https://hssailing.org/documents/ISSA_safety_practices_guide_2014_10_19.pdf My original post asked pointed que
  3. I was a registered competitor who chose not to compete either day. I watched Saturday from the point of Montrose Harbor and enjoyed Buckingham Fountain, Shedd Aquarium, and Michigan Avenue on Sunday.
  4. Fair enough. But it was not the “flat water sailors” that somehow overwhelmed the resources of the RC.
  5. There were countless more capsizes with sailors spending considerable amount of time in the water with zero assistance or even a safety boat on standby. One crew attested to spending 45 minutes in the water. And this was a local crew to boot. I’m curious were the “flat water venue sailors” theory was first introduced? Was that the PRO’s words and opinions you heard during your time volunteering on Saturday? Your own? Something you overheard? Only one “flat water sailor” capsized one time all weekend. You’re right about one thing. It is the skippers responsibly for themselves an
  6. Glad to see this getting some conversation. A constructive review of this regatta is certainly warranted and I hope the CCYC, the local V15 fleet, and the national class association do just that. There are MANY lessons to be learned. If there had been a tragedy (not far from the realm of possibility I assure you), there would be a full inquiry and litigation and all these lessons learned and fingers pointed. While I’m certainly glad that was avoided, I do hope such a “hindsight 20/20” debrief takes place and those same lessons may be learned in the absence of such a catastrophe.
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