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  1. The Olson 30 is an awesome boat! I owned Mas Rapido, (hull #1) in the 90's. Sailed to Hawaii in the Pacific Cup double handed in 12 days, and loved surfing on the big Pacific rollers at 15 knots while deranged with sleep depravation. Also sailed in a Hardway Race out of Santa Barbara double handed the following year where there was 50 knots on the backside of Santa Cruz Island and we hit 22 knots before the mains'l block blew up. Literally crawled to the bow to get the kite down. So many great times. Glad I did it when I did, because that kind of fun is almost illegal now.
  2. Glorified training wheels? More like a racing side cart I think. Yea, where the sidecar bloke is the keel, and a wing would be lifting the starboard side of the bike.
  3. It looks like the Dali foils are meant to provide righting moment, and speed more than actually lifting the boat out of the water. If so, this is a very clever way of mimicking the stability attributes of a trimaran through the use of foils and explains why the rudders don't have elevators. Can't wait to see it sail!
  4. I don't see elevators on the rudders, so what prevents foiling then nosediving?
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