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  1. I know!! Why the hell did it have to spiral into a slutty cougars blog?? C'mon Woody...give it a rest dude.
  2. getting ready for a couple big regattas coming up...

  3. What's the waiting list for a berth at your YC? Jeesh.
  4. When my wife and I started dating (in 1985) we were enjoying an espresso and a Baci chocolate in a cafe one night. The fortune inside mine said: "She likes you alot but wishes you had more money." We're still together and have laughed many times over that.
  5. Giv'n her all she's got Cap'n... I'm trying to be selective of unique images and directly linking from their websites when possible...my images and others may require manipulation and PP...the ones that are resized require sharpening after resizing....so there you have it...giv'n it the best I can when the time is available. What percent of the modern images are your own, roughly? Would be great to know which ones you actually shot be because some of them are downright stunning.
  6. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. Fahk.
  7. Looks VERY Joel Veitch to me...
  8. Boom, that image feels somehow familiar to me...but...can't...quite...place...it. Hmmm...it'll come to me. But when? Gee...
  9. For real?! They forgot one...sheesh!
  10. Can't stop in Port Townsend without a walk through the yard, never know whats there. (and that stupid cameras is now on the bottom of West Sound with a card full of Six Meters racing .) That is the tidiest looking work area in a boat yard that I have EVER seen. A drop sheet?! Are you kidding me!?
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