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  1. I started om the bow of an S2 9.1 and C&C 41 at 15 years old. Made my way to the back of the boat over the years which really helped the new foredeck because I knew what they needed. Also owned a 110 in fifth grade.
  2. Sailcomp. It has a timer and upwind it is does a nice job on shifts.
  3. I have that BBR shirt, I was on a Frers 36.
  4. Skippers Meeting = Reason to go to the YC and drink! Why do you need a skippers meeting? I like them. But this is not the time for them. I agree that the guy was an asshat for attending and should be tossed from this regatta. conduct that is a breach of good manners, a breach of good sportsmanship, or unethical behaviour; Next time more strict.
  5. Is there a J29 in it's spot now? Just kidding.
  6. Turn off all everything but the depth and digital compass and look around at wind and other boats,
  7. EMERGENCY KIT Bucket with Toilet Seat Lid - EmergencyKits.com
  8. I just heard that is not the original mast on Dr. Blight, and that it is wider and heavier than a standard one. My dad owned Sailsman. I think it was a hull number in the 20 to 30's. In a landfill now. But he bought Hounddog from MMA and took the mast and sails and put them on there. Hounddog was an SE outboard with a bigger mast before we out the mast from Sailsman in it. It was the third mast because of dismastings. Hounddog was built like a brick shithouse. Fast. Both were but Sailsman got soft. Hounddog still good and up in Maine somewhere.
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